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Maxim di Altobello
Name Maxim di Altobello
Owner Unknown
Breeder Dejan Malbasa (di Altobello)
Gender Stud
Pedigreebook JRSP
Pedigreenumber 82778
Colour Black
Sire Icarus di Altobello
Dam Daria Deniz di Altobello
Date of birth 2007-09-08
Date deceased 2014-02-02
Cause of death 07-year / poisoned
Extra information BH, ZTP 1A V, IPO II

Young World Winner 2008
World Winner 2012
Balkan Winner 2012, Best Black Male, Progeny Group Winner, BOG, BIS
International Champion
Junior World Champion & Junior Best of Breed 2009
Euro-Asia Champion 2011
Pietro Caliandro Winner 2011
AIAD Champion 2010
Jubileum Luxembourg trophy 2010-best in show
Champion of Serbia
Champion of Luxembourg
Champion of Russia
Champion of Montenegro
Champion of Bulgaria
Champion of Slovenia
Champion of Moldavia
Champion of Macedonia
RKF Champion
Balkan Champion
Adriatic Champion
Serbian Club Winner 2009 , 2010 , 2011
Greek Club Winner 2010 , 2011
Hungarian Club Winner 2010
Croatian Club Winner 2010
Russian Club Winner 2011
Luxembourg Club Winner 2010
Bulgarian Club Winner 2010
Italian Trofeo Caliandro Winner 2011
Montenegro Club Winner 2011
Car Konstantin Club Winner 2010

HD Status HD: A-1
"von Willebrand" Clear
Wobbler Syndrom (C.V.I.) Unknown
Cardiomyopathie Holter and Echo Unknown
Cardiomyopathie DNA Marker Unknown
Dilute Unknown
Inbred percentage 9.831 %
Brothers and sisters
2011-05-13Afrodite (S42075)Unknown
0000-00-00Alessandro Pike di AltobelloUnknown
2012-03-20Always a Hero By DeahillsUnknown
2012-03-20Alyssa Espada By DeahillsHD: A-1
2012-03-20Amazing Amigo By DeahillsUnknown
2012-03-20Amazing Asterix By DeahillsHD: A-1
2012-03-20Amazing Wakima By DeahillsUnknown
2011-05-13Angel (S42072)Unknown
2012-03-20Angel Eyes By DeahillsHD: B-1
2009-06-24Apach di AltobelloUnknown
0000-00-00Apache di AltobelloHD: A-1
2009-06-24Aphrodita di AltobelloUnknown
2012-03-20Armano Diablo By DeahillsHD: A-1
2011-05-13Arragon (S42079)Unknown
2012-07-12Arrbass OnixUnknown
2012-07-12Arrbass OrionHD: A-1
2009-06-24Artemida di Altobello (2009)HD: A-1
2009-06-24Artemis di AltobelloHD: A-1
0000-00-00Athena di AltobelloHD: E
2012-03-07Atlantic Line AdmiralUnknown
2012-03-20Aurora Bella By DeahillsUnknown
2011-06-13Baby Max (LO1182050)Unknown
2009-07-24Babylon di AltobelloUnknown
2011-06-13Baddy Boy (LO1182054)Unknown
2010-02-07Baltazaar v. Haus SinnisUnknown
2011-03-16Batista Tejat PosteriorUnknown
2011-03-16Bella Bianca Tejat PosteriorUnknown
2011-06-13Beowulf (LO1182055)HD: A-1
2010-02-07Betty of Erebus v. Haus SinnisUnknown
2011-03-16Bia Brigitta Tejat PosteriorHD: E
2011-06-13Bimba Birba (LO1182059)Unknown
2011-06-13Blackmambadeiguardianidellatuscia (LO1182056)Unknown
2011-06-13Blade (LO1182052)Unknown
2011-06-13Bloody Mary (LO1182062)Unknown
2009-07-24Bombastic Cody di AltobelloUnknown
2010-02-07Boris v. Haus SinnisUnknown
2012-01-07Born to be mine di AltobelloHD: A-1
2009-07-24Branka Maxima di AltobelloHD: B-1
2011-06-13Brown Pride (LO1182058)Unknown
2011-03-16Brutale Bambina Tejat PosteriorUnknown
2011-06-13Brutus (LO1182051)Unknown
0000-00-00D'Sage di AltobelloUnknown
2010-01-18Da Vinci El Greco NeroHD: A-1
2012-05-23Danger Maxsa from Fourteenth MeridianUnknown
0000-00-00Dark (LO11115336)Unknown
2009-01-28Dark di AltobelloUnknown
2012-05-23Darra Maxsa from Fourteenth MeridianUnknown
2010-10-09Darth Veader v. Schwarze KraftUnknown
2010-10-09Dauntless Darla v. Schwarze KraftUnknown
2009-01-28Davide di AltobelloUnknown
2011-05-07Dea Iside (LO11115338)Unknown
2010-10-09Deep Desire v. Schwarze KraftHD: A-1
2013-02-12Defender of Bulgaria CarlaUnknown
2010-01-18Desire Girl El Greco NeroHD: A-1
2011-04-28Destino Iliada DanielaUnknown
2011-04-28Destino Iliada Divinatis DariyUnknown
2011-04-28Destino Iliada DonatosUnknown
2011-04-28Destino Iliada DragonaraHD: A-1
2010-01-18Destiny Girl El Greco NeroUnknown
2012-05-23Dgim Maxsa from Fourteenth MeridianUnknown
2010-03-12Dimitar del Cuore NeroUnknown
2012-10-23Dinas Affaraon AfaagHD: A-1
2012-10-23Dinas Affaraon AleksandarUnknown
2012-10-23Dinas Affaraon AslaanUnknown
2012-10-23Dinas Affaraon AyaanUnknown
2010-10-09Diogen Almighty v. Schwarze KraftUnknown
2010-10-09Diona Dolchinea v. Schwarze KraftUnknown
2012-05-23Djambo Maxsa from Fourteenth MeridianUnknown
2012-05-23Djune Maxsa from Fourteenth MeridianHD: A-2
2009-01-28Dmirko di AltobelloUnknown
2012-09-07Dobergaarden Forever Lace MercedesUnknown
2012-09-07Dobergaarden Forever LadyUnknown
2012-09-07Dobergaarden Forever LandauHD: A-1
2012-09-07Dobergaarden Forever LaquichaUnknown
2012-09-07Dobergaarden Forever Lasting GraceUnknown
2012-09-07Dobergaarden Forever Leroy J. GribsHD: A-1
2012-09-07Dobergaarden Forever LivaUnknown
2012-09-07Dobergaarden Forever LoganUnknown
2012-09-07Dobergaarden Forever Lord MaximoHD: A-1
2012-09-07Dobergaarden Forever LouisHD: B-1
2012-05-23Dodge Maxsa from Fourteenth MeridianUnknown
2010-01-18Don Juan El Greco NeroUnknown
2012-05-23Dorothea Maxsa from Fourteenth MeridianHD: A-1
2009-01-28Drago di AltobelloUnknown
2009-01-28Dragon di AltobelloUnknown
2010-01-18Dream Girl El Greco NeroUnknown
2009-01-28Dreamboy di AltobelloUnknown
2009-01-28Dreamgirl di AltobelloHD: A-1
0000-00-00Drina v. House Black BerryHD: A-1
2010-10-09Dust Defender v. Schwarze KraftUnknown
0000-00-00Dylan di AltobelloUnknown
2010-03-08Ebony v. Nobel LineHD: C
2010-03-08El-Diablo v. Nobel LineUnknown
2010-03-08El-Gamon v. Nobel LineUnknown
2012-10-14Elegant Line CleoUnknown
2012-10-14Elegant Line Coco ChanelUnknown
2012-10-14Elegant Line ConanUnknown
0000-00-00Eleganza di AltobelloUnknown
2012-03-24Elke del NasiUnknown
2010-03-08Eragon v. Nobel LineUnknown
2010-07-02Erebus Prince Bogey BogartUnknown
2010-07-02Erebus Prince Bono BoromeoUnknown
2010-07-02Erebus Prince Brave AragornUnknown
2012-05-08Erebus Prince Honorable PresidenteUnknown
2012-05-08Erebus Prince Hugh HefnerUnknown
2010-07-02Erebus Princess Baby BelugaUnknown
2010-07-02Erebus Princess Bella OceanaUnknown
2010-07-02Erebus Princess Betty BoopUnknown
2010-07-02Erebus Princess Bizzy BitsUnknown
2010-07-02Erebus Princess Brigantia BridgetUnknown
2010-07-02Erebus Princess Brown SugarUnknown
2012-05-08Erebus Princess Hebony ChloeUnknown
2012-05-08Erebus Princess High Five Unknown
0000-00-00Erinis di AltobelloUnknown
2010-03-08Esmeralda v. Nobel LineUnknown
2012-08-18Fante di Fiori de Grande VinkoUnknown
0000-00-00Fara di AltobelloUnknown
2012-08-18Fat-Frumos de Grande VinkoUnknown
2012-08-18Femme Fatale de Grande VinkoUnknown
2012-08-18Feodosia de Grande VinkoUnknown
2012-08-18Flight to the Future de Grande VinkoUnknown
2011-06-16Focus Uppercut ProphetUnknown
2012-08-18Foros de Grande VinkoUnknown
2012-08-18Fortuna del Mare Nero de Grande VinkoHD: B-1
0000-00-00Free di AltobelloUnknown
0000-00-00Frida di AltobelloHD: A-1
2012-08-18Frinfrina de Grande VinkoUnknown
2011-07-03Gabriela-Altobello de Lacluse et MijouxUnknown
2011-05-05Gatuzo di AltobelloUnknown
2011-05-05Geronimo di AltobelloUnknown
2010-06-28Get Ready For Betty BoopUnknown
2010-06-28Get Ready For Big BossUnknown
2010-06-28Get Ready For Black BanditUnknown
2010-06-28Get Ready For Bona BeataHD: A-1
2010-06-28Get Ready For Brown BearUnknown
2012-01-20Get Ready For DominaHD: B-1
2011-07-03Gianni-Altobello de Lacluse et MijouxUnknown
2011-07-03Gina-Altobello de Lacluse et MijouxUnknown
2011-07-03Ginger-Altobello de Lacluse et MijouxUnknown
2011-05-05Ginobello di AltobelloUnknown
2011-07-03Gordon-Altobello de Lacluse et MijouxUnknown
2011-07-03Gosth-Altobello de Lacluse et MijouxUnknown
2011-12-24Grand Mollis La ReinaUnknown
2011-12-24Grand Mollis LankasterUnknown
2011-12-24Grand Mollis LatikaUnknown
2011-12-24Grand Mollis LedaUnknown
2011-12-24Grand Mollis LeonUnknown
2011-12-24Grand Mollis LewisUnknown
2011-12-24Grand Mollis LukasUnknown
2012-06-06Grusholm ObelinUnknown
2012-06-06Grusholm ObelixUnknown
2012-06-06Grusholm OdetteHD: C
2012-06-06Grusholm OdinUnknown
2012-06-06Grusholm OfeliaUnknown
2012-06-06Grusholm OfierUnknown
2012-06-06Grusholm OksfortUnknown
2012-06-06Grusholm OliviaUnknown
2012-06-06Grusholm OphraUnknown
2012-06-06Grusholm OraUnknown
2012-06-06Grusholm OrsonUnknown
2012-06-06Grusholm OssyUnknown
2010-03-14Hatsheput iz OngalUnknown
0000-00-00Hawk di AltobelloUnknown
0000-00-00Hex di AltobelloHD: D
2013-11-11Iceking di AltobelloUnknown
2013-11-11Ilma di AltobelloUnknown
2013-02-02Inborn Fortuna LantwarHD: B-1
2013-02-02Inborn Fortuna LazzaroUnknown
2013-02-02Inborn Fortuna LeaderUnknown
2013-02-02Inborn Fortuna LexusUnknown
2013-02-02Inborn Fortuna Lorena LazzarinaUnknown
2013-02-02Inborn Fortuna LuigiUnknown
2013-02-02Inborn Fortuna Luxurious DivaUnknown
2013-11-11Innocence Itta di AltobelloUnknown
2011-03-22Ivana di AltobelloUnknown
2010-01-07Izrafel Floris FortunaHD: B-1
2010-01-07Izrafel Fortis FelixUnknown
2012-08-31Izrafel Ofelia OmoroseUnknown
2012-08-31Izrafel Okelani OgnenaUnknown
2012-08-31Izrafel Orla OdalysUnknown
2013-04-14Izum de Noche NegroUnknown
0000-00-00Jennifer Ginga HouseUnknown
2010-06-06Jordan Joy v. Master HofUnknown
2011-05-13Junior (S42073)Unknown
2010-10-31K'Assassin Zeus di AltobelloHD: D
2010-10-28Kaiserkraft DemonHD: A-1
2010-10-31Kiril di AltobelloUnknown
2010-10-31Krejzi-Bejker di AltobelloHD: A-1
2011-05-13Lester (S42078)Unknown
2013-10-31Macarena di AltobelloUnknown
2011-01-10Mafioso Tikrai NaujaUnknown
2013-10-31Magdalena Nera di AltobelloUnknown
2011-08-23Mali di AltobelloUnknown
2011-08-23Marbo Milord di AltobelloUnknown
2011-08-23Marvell di AltobelloUnknown
2013-10-31Masha Mo di AltobelloUnknown
2011-01-10Meile Tikrai NaujaHD: A-1
2011-08-23Merak di AltobelloUnknown
2013-10-31Million Dollar di AltobelloUnknown
2013-10-31Mint Chocolate di AltobelloHD: A-1
2013-10-31Mirage di AltobelloUnknown
0000-00-00Missy di AltobelloUnknown
2011-01-10Mon Amour Tikrai NaujaHD: A-1
2013-10-31Monalisa di AltobelloUnknown
2013-10-31My Brave Heart di AltobelloUnknown
2009-09-09Narmer Greco di AltobelloHD: A-1
2011-07-15Narnia Nera di AltobelloUnknown
2011-07-15Nera Di AltobelloHD: A-1
2011-07-15Nixon di AltobelloUnknown
0000-00-00Olivera di AltobelloUnknown
0000-00-00Omar Pasha di AltobelloHD: A-1
0000-00-00Onazis di AltobelloUnknown
2011-03-18Orbita iz ZoosferyUnknown
0000-00-00Orpheus de Gagnantov di AltobelloUnknown
2010-03-18Pablo di AltobelloUnknown
2010-03-18Pandora di AltobelloUnknown
2010-03-18Patrick Gosu di AltobelloUnknown
2010-03-18Peneloppe Nero di AltobelloHD: B-1
2013-07-08Perry dell'Orgoglio NeroHD: B-1
2013-07-08Phoenix dell'Orgoglio NeroUnknown
2013-07-08Power dell'Orgoglio NeroUnknown
2010-03-18Prada di AltobelloHD: A-1
2013-07-08Prince dell'Orgoglio NeroUnknown
2010-03-18Princess Paris di AltobelloUnknown
2011-12-11Qian Li v. VicaralHD: A-1
2009-05-01Quantum di AltobelloUnknown
2009-05-01Quentin di AltobelloUnknown
2009-05-01Quest di AltobelloHD: A-1
2013-02-05Questo di AltobelloHD: B-1
2011-09-08Rainbow Best of SeaHD: A-1
2011-05-13Rambo (S42080)Unknown
2013-02-16Ramus di AltobelloUnknown
2014-02-03Raya di AltobelloUnknown
0000-00-00Raymond di AltobelloUnknown
2009-11-07Rea Clara di AltobelloUnknown
2013-02-16Rhiana Nera di AltobelloUnknown
2009-11-07Rhiana Ria di AltobelloHD: C
2010-01-28Rihana DakerHD: A-1
2010-01-28Rosen DakerUnknown
2011-09-08Ruby Best of SeaUnknown
2009-05-25Sachs del MedianoUnknown
2010-01-10Sade di AltobelloUnknown
0000-00-00Samaya del MedianoUnknown
2011-12-20Sant Kreal RaHD: A-1
2011-12-20Sant Kreal Rainbow DreamUnknown
2011-12-20Sant Kreal RammstainUnknown
2011-12-20Sant Kreal Red FairyUnknown
2011-12-20Sant Kreal RegentUnknown
2011-12-20Sant Kreal Regina AmberUnknown
2011-12-20Sant Kreal RicardaUnknown
2011-12-20Sant Kreal RolexUnknown
2011-12-20Sant Kreal Royal DiamondUnknown
2011-10-11Santiago iz ZoosferyUnknown
0000-00-00Saphire di AltobelloUnknown
2011-10-11Savanna iz ZoosferyUnknown
2009-05-25Savon del MedianoHD: A-1
0000-00-00Secretariat di AltobelloUnknown
0000-00-00Selena di AltobelloHD: A-1
0000-00-00Selma di AltobelloUnknown
2011-10-11Sevilya iz ZoosferyUnknown
2009-05-25Shamaya del MedianoUnknown
2011-05-13Shiela (S42074)Unknown
0000-00-00Shilla Secret di AltobelloHD: A-1
0000-00-00Sioux di AltobelloUnknown
2009-05-25Sona del MedianoUnknown
0000-00-00Stalone di AltobelloHD: D
2009-05-25Suemi del MedianoHD: A-1
2011-05-15Tanja v. NeusaddracheUnknown
2012-04-20Tarzan di AltobelloUnknown
2012-04-20Tequilla Milla di AltobelloUnknown
2012-04-20Theodora Tita di AltobelloHD: B-1
2011-05-15Ti Amo v. NeusaddracheUnknown
2012-04-20Tnt di AltobelloUnknown
2012-04-20Torres di AltobelloHD: A-1
2012-04-20Torro di AltobelloHD: A-1
2011-05-13Troja (S42076)Unknown
0000-00-00Una Vega di AltobelloUnknown
2009-04-09Varushka iz ZoosferyUnknown
2009-04-09Vasco da Gama iz ZoosferyUnknown
2009-04-09Velvet iz ZoosferyUnknown
2009-04-09Vero Vincent iz ZoosferyUnknown
0000-00-00Very Poison Lady di AltobelloHD: A-1
2009-04-09Vitesse iz ZoosferyUnknown
2009-04-09Vivien iz ZoosferyHD: A-1
0000-00-00Wang di AltobelloUnknown
2012-10-29Yankee di AltobelloUnknown
2011-05-13Yetti (S42077)Unknown
0000-00-00Zafir di ModelloUnknown
0000-00-00Zandalee di AltobelloUnknown
2011-05-13Zorro (S42071)Unknown
0000-00-00Zuly Warrior di AltobelloUnknown
Added by Simone
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