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Yacheero's Pando Pandero
Name Yacheero's Pando Pandero
Owner Kaidi & Olev Juurik
Breeder Kaidi & Olev Juurik
Gender Stud
Pedigreebook EST
Pedigreenumber EST-00140/08
Colour Black
Sire Yacheero's Dero Descaro
Dam Odette Hani Red del Rio Bianco
Date of birth 2007-12-02
Date deceased Unknown
Cause of death Unknown
Extra information BH, IPO III, KK 3, ZTP 1B V, ADpr
Estonian Junior Champion
Lithuanian Junior Champion
Lithuanian Junior Winner´09
Finnish Club JW´09
Estonian Club Winner 2011
Amsterdam Winner 2011
Baltic Winner 2012
Estonian Champion
Latvian Champion
Lithuanian Champion
Russian Champion
Belarussian Champion
Finnish Champion
Polish Champion
Dutch Champion
Czech Champion
Slovenian Champion
Danish Champion
Swedish Champion
Baltic Champion
Nordic Champion
Austrian Champion
C.I.B. & C.I.E.
IDC-2013 Honour Class 1.Place
HD Status HD: A-1
"von Willebrand" Clear
Wobbler Syndrom (C.V.I.) Unknown
Cardiomyopathie Holter and Echo Tested normal
Cardiomyopathie DNA Marker Unknown
Dilute Unknown
Inbred percentage 12.2833 %
Brothers and sisters
2007-12-02Yacheero's Paco PacorroUnknown
2007-12-02Yacheero's Panther PanchoUnknown
2007-12-02Yacheero's Phenora PheodetteHD: A-1
2007-12-02Yacheero's Pink PrimroseUnknown
2007-12-02Yacheero's Prima PradaHD: B-1
2007-12-02Yacheero's Primadonna PiadoraUnknown
2007-12-02Yacheero's Prince PericlesUnknown
2007-12-02Yacheero's Princess PiandraHD: A-1
2007-12-02Yacheero's Proctor PontiusUnknown
2015-06-18Baron Bryan Sav SanUnknown
2015-06-29Denwest AndoverUnknown
2015-06-29Denwest ChadwickUnknown
2015-06-29Denwest MarbleheadHD: D
2015-06-29Denwest MiddletonHD: C
2015-06-29Denwest PrescottHD: C
2015-06-29Denwest TrinityHD: B-1
2010-04-17Dura Lex Polonia EccoHD: A-1
2010-04-17Dura Lex Polonia EffendiHD: A-1
2010-04-17Dura Lex Polonia ElegiaUnknown
2010-04-17Dura Lex Polonia ElenaUnknown
2010-04-17Dura Lex Polonia Eli'VadimUnknown
2010-04-17Dura Lex Polonia EscobarUnknown
2010-04-17Dura Lex Polonia EspressoHD: A-1
2010-04-17Dura Lex Polonia EvitaHD: A-1
2012-02-19Elegant Line ZabavaUnknown
2012-02-19Elegant Line ZafarUnknown
2012-02-19Elegant Line Zagretdin ZidanUnknown
2012-02-19Elegant Line ZalmiraUnknown
2012-02-19Elegant Line ZanaldaUnknown
2012-02-19Elegant Line ZelfridaUnknown
2012-02-19Elegant Line ZlataUnknown
2012-02-19Elegant Line ZlatogorUnknown
2012-02-19Elegant Line ZoeUnknown
2012-02-19Elegant Line ZoroastUnknown
2010-06-05Fabienne Florette AllegroHD: A-1
2010-06-05Falk Festus AllegroHD: A-1
2016-08-08Gelina Iz Korolevstva D'AllbaHD: A-1
2016-08-08Geneva Iz Korolevstva D'AllbaHD: A-1
2016-01-02Gennaro MiratioUnknown
2016-01-02Geronimo MiratioUnknown
2016-01-02Giovanni MiratioUnknown
2016-01-02Giulietta MiratioUnknown
2010-08-08Grand Mollis ZaccoUnknown
2010-08-08Grand Mollis ZaffiriUnknown
2010-08-08Grand Mollis ZaharUnknown
2010-08-08Grand Mollis ZalusUnknown
2010-08-08Grand Mollis ZeltaUnknown
2010-08-08Grand Mollis ZenitUnknown
2010-08-08Grand Mollis ZippoUnknown
2010-08-08Grand Mollis ZordaUnknown
2016-01-02Grande Enzo MiratioUnknown
2016-01-02Graziano MiratioUnknown
2016-01-02GucciI MiratioUnknown
2010-06-22Imidz DajanaUnknown
2010-06-22Imidz DamirUnknown
2010-06-22Imidz DanikaUnknown
2010-06-22Imidz Dasha DashenkaHD: A-1
2010-06-22Imidz Donna RozaUnknown
2010-06-22Imidz DragoUnknown
2012-01-12Jean Dark RaffineeUnknown
2012-01-12Jean Dark RampageUnknown
2012-01-12Jean Dark Rare GoldHD: B-1
2012-01-12Jean Dark RebellionHD: A-1
2012-01-12Jean Dark ReplayUnknown
2012-06-01Jean Dark SalmingHD: B-1
2012-06-01Jean Dark SignatureUnknown
2012-06-01Jean Dark Sno of SwedenHD: B-1
2012-06-01Jean Dark StormUnknown
2012-06-01Jean Dark SweetheartHD: C
2010-01-03Leib Solond Zafiro De La RosaUnknown
2010-01-03Leib Solond Zagato ZeusUnknown
2010-01-03Leib Solond Zinedin ZidanUnknown
2010-01-03Leib Solond Zingy ZestUnknown
2010-01-03Leib Solond Zonk ZagrejUnknown
2009-10-09Mamres CelciusUnknown
2009-10-09Mamres CheckmateUnknown
2009-10-09Mamres ClichèUnknown
2009-10-09Mamres ClimaxUnknown
2009-10-09Mamres CloneUnknown
2009-10-09Mamres Code NameUnknown
2009-10-09Mamres CosmopolitanUnknown
2009-08-08Modus Ost RakshasUnknown
2009-08-08Modus Ost RammsteinUnknown
2009-08-08Modus Ost RichebourgUnknown
2009-08-08Modus Ost RicochetUnknown
2009-08-08Modus Ost RochfortUnknown
2009-08-08Modus Ost Rosh'HashanahUnknown
2009-08-08Modus Ost RosheenUnknown
2009-08-08Modus Ost RushUnknown
2013-01-15Nandolf Dar FelvenUnknown
2013-01-15Nautilius Dar FelvenUnknown
2013-01-15Nazareth Dar FelvenUnknown
2014-02-02Neilo v.d. Horringhauser HöhUnknown
2014-02-02Newton v.d. Horringhauser HöhUnknown
2013-01-15Neyram Dar FelvenUnknown
2013-01-15Nirvana Dar FelvenUnknown
2013-01-15Nochnoy Drakon Dar FelvenUnknown
2014-02-02Nora v.d. Horringhauser HöhHD: A-1
2013-01-15Nymeria Dar FelvenUnknown
2009-07-19Ofra z PadokuUnknown
2014-07-07Olsen v.d. Horringhauser HöhUnknown
2014-07-07Omalley v.d. Horringhauser HöhUnknown
2014-07-07Oneill v.d. Horringhauser HöhUnknown
2009-07-19Ono z PadokuUnknown
2009-07-19Onyx z PadokuUnknown
2009-07-19Opal z PadokuUnknown
2009-07-19Orina z PadokuUnknown
2009-07-19Orion z PadokuUnknown
2009-07-19Orsa z PadokuUnknown
2009-07-19Oscar z PadokuHD: A-1
2009-07-19Otis z PadokuUnknown
2009-07-19Otri z PadokuUnknown
2014-07-07Ouzo v.d. Horringhauser HöhUnknown
2014-07-07Owen v.d. Horringhauser HöhUnknown
2009-07-19Oxana z PadokuUnknown
2011-05-13Rockslope's Ban BanderasUnknown
2011-05-13Rockslope's Bando BaldovinoUnknown
2011-05-13Rockslope's Banjan BumbaHD: C
2011-05-13Rockslope's Bea BellinaHD: B-1
2011-05-13Rockslope's Bella BelindaHD: C
2011-05-13Rockslope's Ben BellerofonUnknown
2011-05-13Rockslope's Bene BeatriceHD: B-1
2011-05-13Rockslope's Bon BoreasUnknown
2011-05-13Rockslope's Brava BriaUnknown
2011-05-13Rockslope's Brillante BellonaHD: B-1
2011-05-13Rockslope's Brioso BelisariusUnknown
2013-11-17Rockslope's Nequib NefertumUnknown
2013-11-17Rockslope's Nero NeptunusUnknown
2013-11-17Rockslope's Nike NanderoUnknown
2013-11-17Rockslope's Nober NefertitiUnknown
2013-11-17Rockslope's Novel NostradamusUnknown
2010-06-11Santa Julf UdachaHD: A-1
2010-06-11Santa Julf UlianaUnknown
2010-06-11Santa Julf UlrikaUnknown
2010-06-11Santa Julf UltimatumUnknown
2010-06-11Santa Julf UndinaUnknown
2010-06-11Santa Julf UngaroUnknown
2010-06-11Santa Julf UnicumUnknown
2010-06-11Santa Julf UnisonUnknown
2010-06-11Santa Julf UspehUnknown
2010-01-18Smart Wood Hills NarniaUnknown
2010-01-18Smart Wood Hills NegrescoHD: A-1
2010-01-18Smart Wood Hills NeronUnknown
2010-01-18Smart Wood Hills NeytiriUnknown
2010-01-18Smart Wood Hills NikeHD: C
2010-01-18Smart Wood Hills NimbusUnknown
2010-01-18Smart Wood Hills NoaUnknown
2011-03-18True North ElbancoHD: C
2011-03-18True North EldiabloHD: B-1
2011-03-18True North EsmeraldaUnknown
2011-03-18True North EsperanzaUnknown
2011-03-18True North EstebanUnknown
2011-03-18True North EstefaniaHD: B-1
2011-06-09Vaydee MadeiraHD: A-1
2011-06-09Vaydee Midnight DjinnHD: A-1
2011-06-09Vaydee Missa PadmeUnknown
2011-06-09Vaydee Modesty BlaiseUnknown
2011-06-09Vaydee MoroccoHD: A-1
2011-06-09Vaydee MystiqueUnknown
2013-01-02Waltera v. Haus Erfullungen VunschenUnknown
2013-01-02Wargo v. Haus Erfullungen VunschenUnknown
2013-01-02Watzman v. Haus Erfullungen VunschenUnknown
2013-01-02Westfalia v. Haus Erfullungen VunschenUnknown
2013-01-02Whiskey v. Haus Erfullungen VunschenUnknown
2013-01-02Wostorg v. Haus Erfullungen VunschenUnknown
2016-07-01Yacheero's Adaria AvantiUnknown
2016-07-01Yacheero's Adero AdereroUnknown
2016-07-01Yacheero's Aida AvellanaUnknown
2016-07-01Yacheero's Alpando AzimaroUnknown
2016-07-01Yacheero's Ardor AlmeroUnknown
2016-07-01Yacheero's Arissa ArislawaUnknown
2016-07-01Yacheero's Aristocrat AramisUnknown
2016-07-01Yacheero's Athor ArathonUnknown
2012-02-11Yacheero's Vando VanderoUnknown
2012-02-11Yacheero's Vasco da GamaUnknown
2012-02-11Yacheero's Venezia VesperaUnknown
2012-02-11Yacheero's Vero VerdanoUnknown
2012-02-11Yacheero's Vicomte VoltaireUnknown
2012-02-11Yacheero's Viola D'AmoreHD: B-1
2016-06-20Zarella Bella Panduna di MatarioUnknown
2016-06-20Zazou Zaria Panduna di MatarioUnknown
2016-06-20Zeus Zaron Panduna di MatarioUnknown
Added by Simone
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