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Haito (LOSH 500392)
Name Haito (LOSH 500392)
Owner Mark Christens
Breeder A. Pittomvils
Gender Stud
Pedigreebook LOSH
Pedigreenumber LOSH 500392
Colour Black
Sire Falko v.d. Insberg
Dam Elfy v. Kelbergen
Date of birth 1983-05-22
Date deceased Unknown
Cause of death Unknown
Extra information IPO III , SchH I , AD
IDC Sieger 1987
Amsterdam Winner 1986
DCF Clubwinner 1987
International Champion
German Champion VDH
World Winner 1990
Europa Sieger
Luxembourg Champion
French Champion
Belgium Champion

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HD Status HD: A-1
"von Willebrand" Unknown
Wobbler Syndrom (C.V.I.) Unknown
Cardiomyopathie Holter and Echo Unknown
Cardiomyopathie DNA Marker Unknown
Dilute Unknown
Inbred percentage 9.56 %
Brothers and sisters
1987-06-20Abante Adone from Dober CastleUnknown
1986-02-05Acino Arrow from the WringersgateUnknown
1987-06-20Aga Khan from Dober CastleUnknown
1987-06-20Agordo Agreli from Dober CastleUnknown
1986-02-05Aico Akim from the WringersgateUnknown
1990-10-28Aito v. Haus WeissenbergerUnknown
1987-06-20Akato from Dober CastleUnknown
1990-10-28Alegra v. Haus WeissenbergerUnknown
1990-10-28Alex v. Haus WeissenbergerUnknown
1990-10-28Alexa v. Haus WeissenbergerUnknown
1990-10-28Ali v. Haus WeissenbergerUnknown
1990-10-28Amanda v. Haus WeissenbergerUnknown
1987-06-20Amesja Amon from Dober CastleHD: B-1
1987-06-20Amigo Bravo from Dober CastleUnknown
1987-06-20Anchor Ashby from Dober CastleUnknown
1989-01-19Andor (NHSB 1631979)Unknown
1986-02-05Andor Arjan from the WringersgateUnknown
1986-02-05Argos Ali from the WringersgateUnknown
1990-10-28Ari v. Haus WeissenbergerUnknown
1986-02-05Arkos Arjo from the WringersgateUnknown
1990-10-28Arthos v. Haus WeissenbergerUnknown
1986-02-05Arza Ares from the WringersgateUnknown
1986-02-05Asco Amor from the WringersgateUnknown
1987-06-20Ashten Arcella from Dober CastleUnknown
1986-02-05Asri Aldith from the WringersgateUnknown
1990-10-28Asthor v. Haus WeissenbergerUnknown
1987-06-20Atjana from Dober CastleUnknown
1990-10-28Axel v. Haus WeissenbergerUnknown
1990-10-28Aydin v. Haus WeissenbergerUnknown
1986-02-05Azar Asker from the WringersgateUnknown
1988-05-07Bandit from Dober CastleUnknown
1988-05-07Barah Shiba from Dober CastleUnknown
1988-05-07Beau Ikara from Dober CastleUnknown
1988-05-07Bellamie from Dober CastleUnknown
1988-05-07Bijoux from Dober CastleUnknown
1988-05-07Bionic Bo from Dober CastleUnknown
1988-05-07Bjorna from Dober CastleUnknown
1988-05-07Bondy Boy from Dober CastleUnknown
1988-05-07Branka from Dober CastleUnknown
1988-05-07Brashten from Dober CastleUnknown
1987-05-07Calypso v. DruidensteinUnknown
1988-02-09Cara v. DutmalaUnknown
1988-02-09Carla v. DutmalaUnknown
1987-05-07Casso v. DruidensteinUnknown
1988-02-09Ceasar v. DutmalaUnknown
1987-05-07Centurion Aetius v. DruidensteinHD: A-1
1987-09-11Chico v. DruidensteinUnknown
1988-02-09Chivas v. DutmalaUnknown
1987-09-11Chloe v. DruidensteinUnknown
1987-05-07Chloris v. DruidensteinUnknown
1987-09-11Chregon Cweg v. DruidensteinUnknown
1988-02-09Cita v. DutmalaUnknown
1987-00-00Cleo d'OtmusUnknown
1987-05-07Cleopatra v. DruidensteinHD: A-1
1987-09-11Cliff v. DruidensteinUnknown
0000-00-00Clovis de L'Abbaye des LoupsUnknown
1988-02-09Coco v. DutmalaUnknown
1987-09-11Condhor v. DruidensteinUnknown
1988-02-09Condor v. DutmalaUnknown
1987-05-07Cora Copelia v. DruidensteinUnknown
1988-02-09Corhan v. DutmalaUnknown
1987-05-07Crispie v. DruidensteinUnknown
1987-11-03Csarfet du Haut des CastesHD: A-1
1987-09-11Cuindi v. DruidensteinUnknown
1987-09-11Curro v. DruidensteinHD: A-1
1987-00-00Cyska d'OtmusUnknown
1989-11-24Djacko v.d. DannenburghHD: B-1
1991-01-06Ira v.d. Burg LitermontUnknown
1991-03-04Jacko v.d. Burg LitermontUnknown
1991-03-04Jana v.d. Burg LitermontUnknown
1991-03-04Janosch v.d. Burg LitermontUnknown
1991-03-04Jaron v.d. Burg LitermontUnknown
1991-03-04Jasko v.d. Burg LitermontUnknown
1991-03-04Jerry v.d. Burg LitermontUnknown
1991-03-04Joker v.d. Burg LitermontUnknown
1991-03-04Jonny v.d. Burg LitermontUnknown
1988-04-12Kai v. HagensternUnknown
1988-04-12Kap v. HagensternUnknown
1988-04-12Karlo v. HagensternHD: A-1
1988-04-12Katinka v. HagensternUnknown
1988-04-12Kato v. HagensternUnknown
1986-12-20King v.d. Wieteke's HoeveUnknown
1988-04-12Kitty v. Hagenstern (DZB 101098)HD: A-1
1988-04-12Kosima v. HagensternUnknown
1988-04-12Kristle v. HagensternUnknown
1988-02-09Lady Cassy v. DutmalaUnknown
1987-11-08Lady-Joyce v.d. WestkantUnknown
1990-08-12Madame v.d. Ruine HohenbergUnknown
1990-08-12Madonna v.d. Ruine HohenbergUnknown
1990-08-12Manolito v.d. Ruine HohenbergUnknown
1988-02-24Marco v.d. Wieteke's HoeveUnknown
1990-08-12Maureen v.d. Ruine HohenbergUnknown
1990-08-12Maxine v.d. Ruine HohenbergUnknown
1990-08-12Miss v.d. Ruine HohenbergHD: A-1
1990-08-12Mylord v.d. Ruine HohenbergUnknown
1989-10-28Nadja v. BinselbergUnknown
1989-10-28Nancy v. Binselberg (DZB 102841)Unknown
1987-11-29Nanda v. HoldensteinUnknown
1989-10-28Nando v. Binselberg (DZB 102840) Unknown
1987-11-29Nando v. HoldensteinUnknown
1987-11-29Naradja v. HoldensteinUnknown
1989-09-22Natoshi des Vigilants du ValUnknown
1989-09-22Nea Naiad des Vigilants du ValHD: A-1
1989-10-28Nero v. Binselberg (DZB 102838)Unknown
1989-09-22Nessy des Vigilants du ValHD: A-1
1989-10-28Nestor v. Binselberg (DZB 102839)Unknown
1987-11-29Nestor v. HoldensteinUnknown
1987-11-29Nick Digger v. HoldensteinUnknown
1987-11-29Nighel v. HoldensteinUnknown
1989-10-28Nino v. BinselbergUnknown
1989-10-28Nira v. BinselbergUnknown
1987-11-29Noah v. HoldensteinUnknown
1989-10-28Nora v. Binselberg (DZB 102843)Unknown
1991-01-19Odin v.d. HeerstrasseUnknown
1991-01-19Olivia v.d. HeerstrasseUnknown
1991-01-19Ona v.d. HeerstrasseUnknown
1991-01-19Orpheus v.d. HeerstrasseUnknown
1991-03-14Phailon des Vigilants du ValUnknown
1991-03-14Pherry des Vigilants du ValUnknown
1988-06-20Rancho v.d. DannenburghHD: D
1988-06-20Rex v.d. DannenburghUnknown
1988-06-20Roanka v.d. DannenburghUnknown
1988-06-20Robina v.d. DannenburghHD: B-1
1988-06-20Rocha-Raquel v.d. DannenburghUnknown
1988-06-20Royal Amber v.d. DannenburghUnknown
1989-11-24Senta v.d. Dannenburgh (NHSB 1680148)Unknown
1989-11-24Silver Queen v.d. DannenburghUnknown
1989-11-24Sonja v.d. DannenburghUnknown
1989-12-15Taiga v.d. DannenburghUnknown
1989-01-19Vincent (NHSB 1631980)Unknown
1991-02-17Walküre Ira v.d. DannenburghHD: B-1
1991-02-17Walther-Kenzo v.d. DannenburghUnknown
1991-02-17Wanda v.d. DannenburghUnknown
1991-02-17Wayco v.d. DannenburghUnknown
1991-02-17Wietske v.d. DannenburghHD: C
1991-02-17Wilco v.d. DannenburghHD: D
1991-02-17Winonah v.d. DannenburghUnknown
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