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Ale' Alamos del Citone
Name Ale' Alamos del Citone
Owner Dr. Pierluigi Pezzano (del Citone)
Breeder Dr. Pierluigi Pezzano (del Citone)
Gender Stud
Pedigreebook LOI
Pedigreenumber LO0754594
Colour Black
Sire Pathos delle Querce Nere
Dam Ramona Rashi del Citone
Date of birth 2006-10-11
Date deceased 2017-04-22
Cause of death 11-year / cancer
Extra information BH, ZTP 1A SG, IPO II
IDC Sieger 2010
AIAD-Sieger 2010
Trofeo Caliandro Winner 2010
Trofeo Caliandro Youth Winner 2008
IDC Veteran Sieger 2016
HD Status HD: A-1
"von Willebrand" Unknown
Wobbler Syndrom (C.V.I.) Unknown
Cardiomyopathie Holter and Echo Tested normal
Cardiomyopathie DNA Marker Unknown
Dilute Unknown
Inbred percentage 10.0805 %
Brothers and sisters
2006-10-11Alejandro Travis del CitoneUnknown
2006-10-11Andres Crockett del CitoneHD: A-1
2012-08-15Acab Jobs DarafalUnknown
2014-01-30Ace del Bosco delle PianeUnknown
2010-11-03Adalinda de Grande VinkoHD: A-1
2012-08-15Adelgunde DarafalUnknown
2010-11-03Admiranda de Grande VinkoUnknown
2008-07-25Adolf di Villa MatildeUnknown
2012-08-15Airton Apache DarafalUnknown
2010-11-03Aishe Almas de Grande VinkoUnknown
2012-08-15Akira DarafalUnknown
2010-11-03Al Capone de Grande VinkoUnknown
2014-12-20Al Capone Selviata (LO1537812)HD: A-1
2010-11-03Alastriona de Grande VinkoHD: A-1
2014-12-20Alex Britti (LO1537823)Unknown
2012-08-15Ali Gunther DarafalUnknown
2012-08-15Alice Nana DarafalUnknown
2010-11-03Alison Alama de Grande VinkoHD: A-1
2014-01-30Allen del Bosco delle PianeUnknown
2014-01-30Alma del Bosco delle PianeUnknown
2014-12-20Amadeus Mozart (LO1537834)HD: A-1
2008-07-25Amberone di Villa MatildeUnknown
2014-01-30Ambra del Bosco delle PianeUnknown
2014-12-20Amii Stewart (LO1537831)HD: A-1
2014-12-20Amos Lee (LO1537820)Unknown
2014-12-20Amy Winehouse (LO1537827)Unknown
2014-01-30Andrew Caesar del Bosco delle PianeUnknown
2014-12-20Angus Young (LO1537851)Unknown
2014-12-20Annie Lennox (LOI LO1537811)HD: A-1
2014-01-30Antony Blade del Bosco delle PianeUnknown
2012-08-15Anubi DarafalUnknown
2008-07-25Ares di Villa MatildeUnknown
2012-08-15Arisakira DarafalUnknown
2010-11-03Aristokrat de Grande VinkoUnknown
2014-12-20Armstrong Louis (LO1537813)Unknown
2014-01-30Arnold del Bosco delle PianeUnknown
2008-07-25Arnold di Villa MatildeUnknown
2008-07-25Aron di Villa MatildeUnknown
2010-11-03Arsinoe de Grande VinkoHD: A-1
2008-07-25Artu di Villa MatildeUnknown
2008-07-25Asia di Villa MatildeUnknown
2008-07-25Askan di Villa MatildeUnknown
2008-07-25Aston Martin di Villa MatildeUnknown
2008-07-25Athos di Villa MatildeUnknown
2011-03-14Atlantisz di ModelloUnknown
2012-08-15Avana DarafalUnknown
2014-01-30Axel Ais del Bosco delle PianeUnknown
2012-08-15Axel DarafalUnknown
2014-12-20Axl Rose (LO1537850)HD: A-1
2013-03-08Bandito v. WestwallUnknown
2013-03-08Banu v. WestwallUnknown
2013-03-08Barbados v. WestwallUnknown
2013-03-08Barbarina v. WestwallHD: A-1
2013-03-08Barbarossa v. WestwallHD: A-1
2011-11-27Baron Atila KenilandHD: A-1
2011-04-28Benson by the SeaHD: A-1
2013-03-08Bigben v. WestwallHD: C
2011-04-28Bindy by the SeaHD: A-1
2011-04-28Blazer by the SeaUnknown
2011-04-28Bloom by the SeaHD: A-1
2013-03-08Bonita v. WestwallUnknown
2011-04-28Brandie by the SeaHD: A-1
2013-03-08Brando v. WestwallUnknown
2013-03-08Brutheus v. WestwallUnknown
2013-03-08Bruthus v. WestwallUnknown
2010-06-12C'sonia Cheri de Terra MirabiliUnknown
2012-06-08Ca'Stellamaris OdessaUnknown
2012-06-08Ca'Stellamaris OlimpiaUnknown
2012-06-08Ca'Stellamaris OregonUnknown
2012-06-08Ca'Stellamaris OrsonUnknown
2008-04-14Cabir CampagnanensisUnknown
2010-06-12Calamity Jane de Terra MirabiliUnknown
2010-06-12Cameron Clyde de Terra MirabiliUnknown
2008-04-14Camilla CampagnanensisUnknown
2013-04-03Candoherzog v. WürttembergUnknown
2010-06-12Captain Casanova de Terra MirabiliUnknown
2013-04-03Caraherzogin v. WürttembergUnknown
2013-04-03Carlaherzogin v. WürttembergUnknown
2013-04-03Carlherzog v. WürttembergUnknown
2013-04-03Carminaherzogin v. WürttembergUnknown
2010-06-12Cartier Cole de Terra MirabiliUnknown
2011-12-16Casa di Fera AlphardUnknown
2011-12-16Casa di Fera AmadeaUnknown
2011-12-16Casa di Fera AsteriaHD: C
2010-06-12Cassidy de Terra MirabiliHD: A-1
2013-04-03Ceciliaherzogin v. WürttembergUnknown
2008-04-14Celine CampagnanensisUnknown
2010-06-12Challenger de Terra MirabiliUnknown
2013-04-03Chanelherzogin v. WürttembergHD: B-1
2008-04-14Cheienne CampagnanensisUnknown
2013-04-03Chivagoherzog v. WürttembergUnknown
2013-04-03Citaherzogin v. WürttembergUnknown
2013-04-03Claraherzogin v. WürttembergUnknown
2008-04-14Cloe CampagnanensisUnknown
2013-04-03Cocoherzogin v. WürttembergHD: A-1
2010-06-12Cody Camaro de Terra MirabiliUnknown
2010-06-12Colin Cohen de Terra MirabiliHD: A-1
2008-04-14Colzeus CampagnanensisUnknown
2008-04-14Conan CampagnanensisUnknown
2008-04-14Cora CampagnanensisUnknown
2010-06-12Cortez Fernando de Terra MirabiliHD: A-1
2013-04-03Corwinherzog v. WürttembergUnknown
2008-04-14Cristal CampagnanensisUnknown
2013-04-03Curdherzog v. WürttembergUnknown
2009-06-26D'Alamo di PerlaneraUnknown
2011-01-01Dafne di Casa MargotUnknown
2011-12-01Dagaz del FiorsilvaUnknown
2009-02-12Daleyna v.d. BöllenruthenHD: A-1
2011-12-01Dali del FiorsilvaHD: B-1
2013-08-01Dalida iz ZoosferyUnknown
2011-01-01Dalila Thula di Casa MargotUnknown
2009-01-10Dalmar di ArsomarUnknown
2009-06-26Danabee di PerlaneraUnknown
2009-08-18Danafox's OrangeHD: A-1
2013-08-01Dancing Queen iz ZoosferyUnknown
2013-03-16Dante della Rocca NormannaUnknown
2009-02-12Dario v.d. BöllenruthenUnknown
2011-01-01Darleenstella di Casa MargotUnknown
2009-02-12Daron v.d. BöllenruthenUnknown
2013-08-01Datura Noir iz ZoosferyUnknown
2011-01-01Daythona di Casa MargotUnknown
2013-08-01Dea Salomea iz ZoosferyHD: A-1
2011-12-01Deagrace del FiorsilvaHD: A-1
2013-08-01Deanna Durbin iz ZoosferyUnknown
2013-03-16Deborah della Rocca NormannaUnknown
2009-02-12Dehly v.d. BöllenruthenUnknown
2013-08-01Delacroix iz ZoosferyUnknown
2010-09-09Dell'Arco Azzurro Mardok Unknown
2010-09-09Dell'Arco Azzurro Max Unknown
2010-09-09Dell'Arco Azzurro Mc Astor Unknown
2010-09-09Dell'Arco Azzurro Merak Unknown
2010-09-09Dell'Arco Azzurro Miss Mary Unknown
2009-10-10Dell'Arco Azzurro Nante HD: A-1
2009-10-10Dell'Arco Azzurro Nathan Unknown
2009-10-10Dell'Arco Azzurro NestorUnknown
2009-10-10Dell'Arco Azzurro NianoelUnknown
2009-10-10Dell'Arco Azzurro NicoleUnknown
2009-10-10Dell'Arco Azzurro NigelUnknown
2009-10-10Dell'Arco Azzurro NorisUnknown
2009-10-10Dell'Arco Azzurro NormanUnknown
2013-08-01Demi Moore iz ZoosferyUnknown
2011-01-01Desiree di Casa MargotUnknown
2013-03-16Diablo della Rocca NormannaUnknown
2013-08-01Diaghilev iz ZoosferyHD: A-1
2011-12-01Dionisio del FiorsilvaUnknown
2013-08-01Dior iz ZoosferyUnknown
2009-06-26Diva D'Oro di PerlaneraHD: A-1
2011-01-01Dixie Day Thona di Casa MargotUnknown
2009-01-10Dixiedaytona di ArsomarUnknown
2009-10-08Dobergaarden Forever BanditUnknown
2009-10-08Dobergaarden Forever BaronUnknown
2009-10-08Dobergaarden Forever Beauti HalifaxUnknown
2009-10-08Dobergaarden Forever Bella DonnaUnknown
2009-10-08Dobergaarden Forever BetunaUnknown
2009-10-08Dobergaarden Forever Black PearlUnknown
2009-10-08Dobergaarden Forever BlissUnknown
2009-10-08Dobergaarden Forever BonitaUnknown
2009-10-08Dobergaarden Forever BoyUnknown
2009-10-08Dobergaarden Forever BrandyUnknown
2009-10-08Dobergaarden Forever BretanoUnknown
2009-10-08Dobergaarden Forever BrilliantUnknown
2009-10-08Dobergaarden Forever BrutusUnknown
2010-06-05Dobergaarden Forever DaxUnknown
2010-06-05Dobergaarden Forever Diamond DaliUnknown
2010-06-05Dobergaarden Forever DieselHD: A-1
2010-06-05Dobergaarden Forever Don DiegoUnknown
2009-09-09Dobra (LOI 09161541)HD: A-1
2013-08-01Dolores del Rio iz ZoosferyUnknown
2012-01-01Dolores di Casa MargotHD: A-1
2013-03-16Dombra della Rocca NormannaUnknown
2011-01-01Domingo di Casa MargotUnknown
2011-01-01Dominique di Casa MargotUnknown
2010-01-01Don Daniel del CitoneUnknown
2010-01-01Don Dario del CitoneUnknown
2010-01-01Don Diego del CitoneUnknown
2011-01-01Don Diego Primus di Casa MargotUnknown
2010-01-01Don Domingo del CitoneUnknown
2010-01-01Don Juan del CitoneUnknown
2010-01-01Don Ramiro del CitoneUnknown
2010-01-01Don Rodrigo del CitoneUnknown
2009-02-12Doncarlos v.d. BöllenruthenHD: C
2010-01-01Donna Dia del CitoneUnknown
2010-01-01Donna Dina del CitoneUnknown
2010-01-01Donna Duena del CitoneUnknown
2010-01-01Donna Rubia del CitoneHD: A-1
2009-06-26Dorato Drago di PerlaneraUnknown
2011-01-01Doreen di Casa MargotUnknown
2011-12-01Doroty del FiorsilvaUnknown
2009-06-26Ducato di PerlaneraUnknown
2013-03-16Duette della Rocca NormannaHD: A-1
2009-02-12Duffy v.d. BöllenruthenUnknown
2009-02-12Durango v.d. BöllenruthenUnknown
2013-08-01Dyagilev iz ZoosferyHD: A-1
2011-12-01Dylan del FiorsilvaUnknown
2014-11-28Ebony v. WestwallUnknown
2014-11-28Eddy v. WestwallUnknown
2010-08-18Eglantyne Evelyne di AltobelloHD: A-1
2013-04-08Ego Escondido del CitoneUnknown
2013-04-08El Domingo del CitoneUnknown
2013-04-08El Que Encanta del CitoneUnknown
2010-08-18Ela Esmeralda di AltobelloUnknown
2008-10-01Electra Steinhage-GradUnknown
2013-04-08Electric Euphoria del CitoneHD: A-1
2013-04-08Ella Elinor del CitoneUnknown
2008-10-01Ella Steinhage-GradUnknown
2013-04-08Emiliano Zapata del CitoneUnknown
2014-11-28Emiliea v. WestwallUnknown
2014-11-28Emilio v. WestwallUnknown
2013-04-08Emir Exander del CitoneUnknown
2014-11-28Enzo v. WestwallUnknown
2008-10-01Ephos Steinhage-GradUnknown
2014-11-28Eragon v. WestwallUnknown
2013-04-08Erina Elettra del CitoneUnknown
2014-11-28Eros v. WestwallUnknown
2014-11-28Esra v. WestwallUnknown
2013-04-08Este Esteban del CitoneHD: A-1
2014-11-28Etendard v. WestwallUnknown
2008-10-01Ethos Steinhage-GradHD: B-1
2013-04-08Eva Ebonita del CitoneHD: A-1
2008-10-01Evita Steinhage-GradUnknown
2014-11-28Eyco v. WestwallUnknown
2010-03-18Fanta BetelgesHD: A-1
2008-04-19Fantastica Brenda dei Nobili NatiUnknown
2010-01-06Farah di Casa GiardinoUnknown
2010-01-06Federik Ruben di Casa GiardinoUnknown
2010-01-06Fire Argo di Casa GiardinoUnknown
2010-01-06Flaminia di Casa GiardinoUnknown
2010-01-06Flash Puma di Casa GiardinoUnknown
2010-01-06Flora di Casa GiardinoUnknown
2010-01-06Florin di Casa GiardinoUnknown
2010-01-06Forest di Casa GiardinoUnknown
2010-01-06Fosca di Casa GiardinoUnknown
2010-01-06Fox di Casa GiardinoUnknown
2010-01-06Fox Zeus di Casa GiardinoUnknown
2008-04-19Freccia dei Nobili NatiHD: A-1
2010-03-18Freya BetelgesHD: A-1
2008-04-19Frivola dei Nobili NatiUnknown
2008-04-19Fucsia dei Nobili NatiUnknown
2009-03-20Gaindyke Easy EstherUnknown
2009-03-20Gaindyke EisenhouwerUnknown
2009-03-20Gaindyke El AlamainUnknown
2009-03-20Gaindyke ElektraUnknown
2009-03-20Gaindyke Ell's Bells EricaUnknown
2009-03-20Gaindyke EmporioUnknown
2009-03-20Gaindyke EurekaUnknown
2009-03-20Gaindyke Euro ExpressUnknown
2009-03-20Gaindyke Ewan McGregorUnknown
2009-03-20Gaindyke Extra SpecialUnknown
2011-10-15Garuda v. DockermannUnknown
2012-06-10Gentaro di Caresi NiceHD: A-1
2012-06-10Giano di Caresi NiceHD: A-1
2012-06-10Gin'ger di Caresi NiceUnknown
2010-01-11Gina (LO10149208)Unknown
0000-00-00Ginetta di CaresiUnknown
2010-01-11Giulio (LO10149207)Unknown
2010-01-11Gordonblackarielamos (LO10149206)Unknown
2011-10-15Guntur v. DockermannHD: B-1
2011-08-15Hakira Royal BellUnknown
2010-02-28Harry Potter dei Monti CiminiUnknown
2010-02-28Harryson dei Monti CiminiUnknown
2010-02-28Helenia dei Monti CiminiUnknown
2011-09-03Hellon Royal BellHD: A-1
2010-02-28Hermosa Hermione dei Monti CiminiHD: A-1
2010-02-28Hero dei Monti CiminiUnknown
2010-01-01Hertog Hanton di PrisconteUnknown
2010-01-01Hertog Hax di PrisconteUnknown
2010-01-01Hertog Hido di PrisconteUnknown
2010-01-01Hertog Hilton di PrisconteUnknown
2010-01-01Hertog Hogan di PrisconteUnknown
2010-01-01Hertog Hugo di PrisconteUnknown
2010-01-01Hertogin Hambra di PrisconteUnknown
2010-01-01Hertogin Hanna di PrisconteUnknown
2010-01-01Hertogin Helettra di PrisconteUnknown
2010-01-01Hertogin Helly di PrisconteUnknown
2010-01-01Hertogin Hikla di PrisconteUnknown
2010-02-28Hogan Jose dei Monti CiminiUnknown
2010-02-28Hura dei Monti CiminiHD: A-1
2010-02-28Hyndia dei Monti CiminiUnknown
2009-03-20Iap del Bosco delle Piane Unknown
2009-03-20Indian Black Girl del Bosco delle Piane Unknown
2009-03-20Ira del Bosco delle Piane Unknown
2009-03-20Iron del Bosco delle Piane Unknown
2009-03-20Italo del Bosco delle Piane Unknown
2008-09-16Izrafel Caesar CinnamonUnknown
2008-09-16Izrafel Crocus Christian Unknown
2013-12-17J.Eddie della SciaraUnknown
2013-12-17J.Raja di Pontecorvo della SciaraHD: A-1
2012-05-13Jackson v. KarpatiaHD: A-1
2012-05-13Jaffa v. KarpatiaHD: A-1
2013-12-17Jago della SciaraUnknown
2012-05-13Jakarta v. KarpatiaUnknown
2013-12-17Jamila Sveva della SciaraUnknown
2012-05-13Jena v. KarpatiaHD: A-1
2013-12-17Jenna della SciaraUnknown
2013-12-17Jethro Jago della SciaraUnknown
2013-12-17Jewel della SciaraUnknown
2013-12-17Jin della SciaraHD: A-1
2013-12-17Jinn Amon della SciaraUnknown
2013-12-17Jordan Arrow della SciaraUnknown
2013-12-17Jorg Jordan della SciaraUnknown
2012-05-13Jork v. KarpatiaUnknown
2013-12-17July Luna della SciaraUnknown
2013-12-17Junior Prince della SciaraUnknown
2011-01-18Kalina BetelgesHD: A-1
2013-12-31Karina di CaresiUnknown
2011-01-18Karma BetelgesUnknown
2014-01-01Kastor di CaresiUnknown
2011-01-18Katarina BetelgesHD: A-1
2013-12-31Kaylie di CaresiUnknown
2013-12-31Kiare di CaresiUnknown
2011-01-18Killian BetelgesUnknown
2013-12-31Kimberly di CaresiUnknown
2010-09-02Larry di PrisconteUnknown
2010-09-02Leam di PrisconteUnknown
2008-10-14Ledy di Villa ConteUnknown
2008-10-14Leon di Villa ConteUnknown
2010-09-02Leonard di PrisconteUnknown
2008-10-14Linus di Villa ConteUnknown
2010-09-02Liquirizia di PrisconteUnknown
2008-10-14Lord di Villa ConteUnknown
2010-09-02Los Chichos di PrisconteUnknown
2010-09-02Los Machos di PrisconteUnknown
2010-09-02Lozarno di PrisconteUnknown
2008-10-14Lucas di Villa ConteUnknown
2012-08-20Lucus Augusti FaeryHD: A-1
2012-08-20Lucus Augusti FedorUnknown
2012-08-20Lucus Augusti FegarHD: D
2012-08-20Lucus Augusti ForemanUnknown
0000-00-00Lucus Augusti GaiaHD: C
0000-00-00Lucus Augusti GamonUnknown
0000-00-00Lucus Augusti GinoUnknown
2008-10-14Luther di Villa ConteHD: A-1
2014-02-27Maddrax v. ResidenzschlossUnknown
2014-08-26Magic Ebano del Bosco delle PianeUnknown
2014-08-26Magic Mario del Bosco delle PianeUnknown
2014-02-27Malou v. ResidenzschlossUnknown
2014-02-27Marquis v. ResidenzschlossUnknown
2014-08-26Marron Glace del Bosco delle PianeUnknown
2014-08-26Martin Ares del Bosco delle PianeUnknown
2011-12-10Mascha v. BavariaUnknown
2014-08-26Matrix del Bosco delle PianeUnknown
2014-08-26Maui del Bosco delle PianeUnknown
2014-08-26Max Caesar del Bosco delle PianeUnknown
2014-08-26Medea del Bosco delle PianeHD: A-1
2014-02-27Meesou v. ResidenzschlossUnknown
2014-02-27Milou v. ResidenzschlossHD: A-1
2011-12-10Mocca v. BavariaHD: A-1
2014-08-26Moloch del Bosco delle PianeUnknown
2008-07-10Natasha v. TurmhausUnknown
2011-05-01New Edel di Casa GiardinoUnknown
2011-05-01Nike di Casa GiardinoUnknown
2011-05-01Nikita di Casa GiardinoUnknown
2013-05-02Nikon Narcissus Dangerous BeautyUnknown
2011-05-01Nilo di Casa GiardinoHD: A-2
2008-07-10Ninotschka v. Turm HausUnknown
2013-05-02Noble Winner Dangerous BeautyUnknown
2011-05-01Noe di Casa GiardinoUnknown
2011-05-01Nora di Casa GiardinoUnknown
2011-05-01Norton di Casa GiardinoUnknown
2009-09-02Olive DakerUnknown
2009-09-02Omega DakerUnknown
2009-09-02Onyx DakerUnknown
2009-09-02Orion DakerUnknown
2009-09-02Orson DakerUnknown
2010-02-01Que-Sera King of DarknessHD: A-1
2010-02-01Quentin King of DarknessUnknown
2014-08-11Questor v. NemesisUnknown
2010-02-01Quiana King of DarknessUnknown
2010-02-01Quickstep King of Darkness HD: A-1
2014-08-11Quiera v. NemesisHD: A-1
2010-02-01Quilio King of DarknessUnknown
2010-02-01Quinette King of DarknessHD: A-1
2014-08-11Quinta v. NemesisUnknown
2014-08-11Quintana v. NemesisUnknown
2014-08-11Quintano v. NemesisUnknown
2014-08-11Quintin v. NemesisUnknown
2014-08-11Quinto v. NemesisUnknown
2014-08-11Quintus v. NemesisUnknown
2010-02-01Quiqui King of DarknessUnknown
2014-08-11Quirin v. NemesisUnknown
2014-08-11Quirina v. NemesisHD: A-1
2014-08-11Quirinus v. NemesisHD: A-1
2010-02-01Qupido King of DarknessUnknown
2008-04-14Ray CampagnanensisUnknown
2013-04-24Rellaps TenerifeHD: A-1
2010-02-05Sam Zeus del FiorsilvaUnknown
2010-02-05Sandra del FiorsilvaUnknown
2010-02-05Sarah del FiorsilvaUnknown
2010-02-13Schila d'IslamoradaUnknown
2010-02-13Sean d'IslamoradaUnknown
2010-02-13Sia d'IslamoradaUnknown
2010-02-05Silvanita del FiorsilvaHD: A-1
2010-02-05Silvanito del FiorsilvaUnknown
2010-04-09Sirius v. NoblesshofUnknown
2010-11-08Smart Wood Hills BoromirHD: A-1
2011-08-15Smart Wood Hills Kaiser KonstantinHD: A-1
2011-08-15Smart Wood Hills Kalina KaterinaUnknown
2011-08-15Smart Wood Hills KellhusUnknown
2011-08-15Smart Wood Hills Khamsin Unknown
2011-08-15Smart Wood Hills KismetHD: A-1
2011-08-15Smart Wood Hills Knyaz IgorUnknown
2011-08-15Smart Wood Hills Koh-I-NoorHD: A-1
2011-08-15Smart Wood Hills KonigHD: C
2010-02-13Sofia d'IslamoradaUnknown
2010-02-05Sole Silvana del FiorsilvaHD: A-1
2010-02-13Sylar d'IslamoradaUnknown
2008-04-02Tahi-Réme AlamoUnknown
2008-04-02Tahi-Réme AlonsoUnknown
2008-04-02Tahi-Reme AmeeriahHD: A-1
2008-04-02Tahi-Réme AmiriahUnknown
2008-04-02Tahi-Réme ArabellaUnknown
2009-04-17Tahi-Reme GhostUnknown
2009-04-17Tahi-réme GitanaHD: A-1
2012-01-29Timoteo di PerlaneraUnknown
2012-01-29Touchdown di PerlaneraUnknown
2012-01-29Treff Tennor di PerlaneraUnknown
2012-06-15Triangel Joy SolamenteUnknown
2012-01-29Trunka Lunka di PerlaneraHD: A-1
2008-06-28Ubert di PrisconteUnknown
2008-06-28Ulk di PrisconteUnknown
2010-11-19Uno Best of IslandHD: A-1
2008-06-28Urelia di PrisconteUnknown
2008-06-28Ursula di PrisconteUnknown
2008-06-14Walker di Casa CoppoHD: A-1
2008-06-14Wayne di Casa CoppoUnknown
2008-06-14Wendy di Casa CoppoUnknown
2008-06-14Wess di Casa CoppoUnknown
2008-06-14West di Casa CoppoUnknown
2008-06-14Wild Boy di Casa CoppoUnknown
2008-06-14Wilson di Casa CoppoUnknown
2012-10-05Yannis v. Trokadero VeroUnknown
2012-10-05Yoda v. Trokadero VeroUnknown
2012-10-05Yokayuna v. Trokadero VeroHD: A-1
2012-10-05Yukon v. Trokadero VeroHD: A-1
2012-10-05Yumnayuwela v. Trokadero VeroUnknown
2011-12-29Zarida Zenek del Canale di PirroUnknown
2011-12-29Zenith Zeudi del Canale di PirroUnknown
2011-12-29Zephir del Canale di PirroUnknown
2011-12-29Zico Zenon del Canale di PirroUnknown
2011-12-29Ziran del Canale di PirroUnknown
2011-12-29Zorba Zeno del Canale di PirroUnknown
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