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Enzo v.d. Donauhoeve
Name Enzo v.d. Donauhoeve
Owner Gerda de Ryck (v.d. Donauhoeve)
Breeder Gerda de Ryck (v.d. Donauhoeve)
Gender Stud
Pedigreebook LOSH
Pedigreenumber 0977097
Colour Black
Sire Nitro del Rio Bianco
Dam Xena v.d. Donauhoeve
Date of birth 2005-05-12
Date deceased 2016-01-09
Cause of death 10-year / cancer
Extra information BH, IPO I, ZTP 1A V Belgian Character & Selection 1A U, TST
World Champion 2010
Danish Champion
International Champion
International Show Champion
Luxemburg Champion
Belgian Winner '08
Amsterdam Winner '07
Dutch Champion
DVIN Clubwinner '07
VDH Youth Champion
Dutch Youth Champion
Luxemburg Youth Champion
Bundesjugendsieger '06
Europajugendsieger '06
Nordrhein Jugendsieger '06
Jahrhundert-jugendsieger '06
Belgian Youth Winner '06
Belgian Prince '06
Challenge Circles BDCB Youth Winner '06

HD Status HD: A-1
"von Willebrand" Unknown
Wobbler Syndrom (C.V.I.) Unknown
Cardiomyopathie Holter and Echo Unknown
Cardiomyopathie DNA Marker Negative
Dilute Unknown
Inbred percentage 8.1102 %
Brothers and sisters
2004-11-08Demi v.d. DonauhoeveHD: A-1
2004-11-08Dina v.d. DonauhoeveHD: B-1
2005-05-12Elbas v.d. DonauhoeveUnknown
2005-05-12Eska v.d. DonauhoeveHD: A-2
2009-07-14Acuma v.d. RijucohoeveHD: A-1
2009-07-14Aisling Ylva v.d. RijucohoeveUnknown
2009-07-14Ajindi v.d. RijucohoeveHD: B-1
2009-07-14Akino v.d. RijucohoeveUnknown
2009-07-14Akyro v.d. RijucohoeveUnknown
2010-04-04Alexandria v. Kurhessen-KasselUnknown
2010-04-04Allegra v. Kurhessen-KasselHD: A-1
2010-04-04Almeria v. Kurhessen-KasselUnknown
2009-07-14Annie v.d. RijucohoeveUnknown
2010-04-04Aristoteles v. Kurhessen-KasselUnknown
2009-07-14Arras v.d. RijucohoeveUnknown
2010-04-04Arsinoe v. Kurhessen-KasselUnknown
2009-07-14Astin v.d. RijucohoeveUnknown
2010-04-04Aurora v. Kurhessen-KasselHD: A-1
2009-07-14Ayca v.d. RijucohoeveUnknown
2008-01-28D Taiga v. SteinigerwegUnknown
2008-01-28Dakota v. SteinigerwegUnknown
2008-01-28Dana v. SteinigerwegUnknown
2008-01-28Dario Diablo v. SteinigerwegUnknown
2008-01-28Darling v. SteinigerwegUnknown
2008-01-28Datcha Milena v. SteinigerwegUnknown
2008-01-28Dora v. SteinigerwegUnknown
2006-10-16Falko v.h. DonauhofUnknown
2010-04-19Feebaronesse v. SchwabenlandUnknown
2006-10-16Fenya v.d. DonauhoeveHD: A-1
2006-10-19Fiera v.h. DonauhofHD: A-1
2010-04-19Franzi v. SchwabenlandUnknown
2011-01-28Garinazova de FerignisUnknown
2011-01-28Gaspard de FerignisHD: A-1
2011-01-28Gayko de FerignisUnknown
2007-09-14Genius v.d. DonauhoeveHD: A-2
2011-01-28Geraldine de FerignisHD: A-1
2007-09-14Ghyna v.d. DonauhoeveUnknown
2011-01-28Gil-K´Alina de FerignisUnknown
2011-01-28Gora de FerignisUnknown
2012-08-10Graaf Berserk Bjork v. Neêrlands StamUnknown
2012-08-10Graaf Blindguardian v. Neêrlands StamUnknown
2011-01-28Grafenzo de FerignisHD: A-1
2011-01-28Grafhiram de FerignisUnknown
2011-01-28Grafwandor de FerignisUnknown
2012-08-10Gravin Bellatrix Belgique v. Neêrlands StamHD: C
2011-01-28Gunzo de FerignisUnknown
2007-09-14Gust v.d. DonauhoeveHD: A-1
2011-01-28Gwendavanda de FerignisUnknown
2009-11-14Hanaïs du Bois de LindthoutUnknown
2009-11-14Hathena du Bois de LindthoutUnknown
2009-11-14Heracléa du Bois de LindthoutUnknown
2009-11-14Heros du Bois de LindthoutUnknown
2011-01-21Hertogin Oyra v. ThekedaHD: A-1
2009-11-14Hevita du Bois de LindthoutUnknown
2008-01-03Hiram v.d. DonauhoeveHD: A-1
0000-00-00Hiro de la Comete NoireHD: A-2
0000-00-00Horazi de la Comete NoireUnknown
2009-02-17Icaro v. NatsondaUnknown
2009-02-17Ice v. NatsondaUnknown
2009-07-29Izzy du Bois de LindthoutUnknown
2009-07-31Kalina v. AvenidaUnknown
2009-07-31Kamee v. AvenidaUnknown
2009-07-31Karat v. AvenidaUnknown
2009-07-31Kiaro v. AvenidaUnknown
2011-04-16Kira v. NatsondaUnknown
2009-07-31Krypton v. AvenidaUnknown
2009-01-06Paradiz Ronado JackpotUnknown
2009-01-06Paradiz Ronado Jeronimo Unknown
2009-01-06Paradiz Ronado JeunesseHD: A-1
2009-01-06Paradiz Ronado JewelUnknown
2009-01-06Paradiz Ronado Jordan JumpUnknown
2009-01-06Paradiz Ronado Jumbo JetUnknown
2009-01-06Paradiz Ronado Just JupiterUnknown
2009-01-06Paradiz Ronado Juvial JazzUnknown
2008-06-25Russkaja Mechta Ilarii IvarUnknown
2008-06-25Russkaja Mechta Inessa IvaUnknown
2008-06-25Russkaja Mechta Ipatii IlarUnknown
2008-06-25Russkaja Mechta Izedin IvinHD: A-1
2011-01-23Sparkling Bent BagheeraUnknown
2011-01-23Sparkling Bent BandidoUnknown
2011-01-23Sparkling Bent BartholomeusUnknown
2011-01-23Sparkling Bent BelaruzUnknown
2011-01-23Sparkling Bent BenedictusUnknown
2011-01-23Sparkling Bent BenjaminUnknown
2011-01-23Sparkling Bent BlanchefleurUnknown
2011-01-23Sparkling Bent BojouraUnknown
2011-01-23Sparkling Bent BraciliaUnknown
2010-09-12Tajahtavita v. TrokaderoUnknown
2010-09-12Tatum v. TrokaderoUnknown
2010-09-12Telotassilo v. TrokaderoUnknown
2010-09-12Thalia v. TrokaderoUnknown
2010-09-12Tigra v. TrokaderoUnknown
2010-09-12Tiotango v. TrokaderoUnknown
2010-09-12Tovah v. TrokaderoUnknown
2010-09-12Tresko v. TrokaderoUnknown
2010-09-12Tudor v. TrokaderoUnknown
2010-09-12Tyra v. TrokaderoUnknown
2012-09-23Xappo v. TrokaderoUnknown
2012-09-23Xaro v. TrokaderoUnknown
2012-09-23Xaron v. TrokaderoUnknown
2012-09-23Xaver v. TrokaderoUnknown
2012-09-23Xavi v. TrokaderoUnknown
2012-09-23Xeva v. TrokaderoUnknown
2012-09-23Xippi v. TrokaderoUnknown
2012-09-23Xoka v. TrokaderoUnknown
2012-09-23Xora v. TrokaderoUnknown
2009-02-17Zino van NatsondaUnknown
Added by Simone
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