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S'Lichobor Fantom
Name S'Lichobor Fantom
Owner N. & R. Smirnovy
Breeder Irina Sivtkova (S Lichobor)
Gender Stud
Pedigreebook RKF
Pedigreenumber RKF 0028722
Colour Brown
Sire Alfa Adelante del Citone
Dam S'Lichobor Svesdochka
Date of birth 1997-07-24
Date deceased 2003-09-10
Cause of death 06-year / ?
Extra information T-1, IPO I, OKD-1, ZKS-1
IDC Sieger 2002
International Champion
Belarussian Champion
LVA Champion
Russian Champion
Champion of Ukrain
3x Club W`99`00`01
HD Status HD: A-1
"von Willebrand" Unknown
Wobbler Syndrom (C.V.I.) Unknown
Cardiomyopathie Holter and Echo Unknown
Cardiomyopathie DNA Marker Unknown
Dilute Unknown
Inbred percentage 6.8644 %
Brothers and sisters
1997-07-24S'Lichobor FaustUnknown
1997-07-24S'Lichobor Favilla FlayHD: B-1
1997-07-24S'Lichobor FortunatoHD: B-1
1997-07-24S'Lichobor Fragola Rossa Unknown
1997-07-24S'Lichobor FrancoUnknown
2002-04-05Ak-Yar ZamiraUnknown
2002-11-24Avel De Mon MishelUnknown
2000-10-22Bredli Bo HakimUnknown
2000-10-22Bredli Bo HaritaUnknown
2000-10-22Bredli Bo HarizmaUnknown
2000-10-22Bredli Bo HelgaUnknown
2000-10-22Bredli Bo HrisantemaUnknown
2000-10-22Bredli Bo HugoUnknown
2000-10-22Bredli Bo HunterUnknown
0000-00-00Don Kagjust Kapris KurazhUnknown
2002-08-15Elsan Haus AikidoHD: B-1
2002-08-15Elsan Haus Aisha-ArishaHD: A-1
2002-08-15Elsan Haus AkimUnknown
2002-08-15Elsan Haus ArabeskaHD: B-1
2002-08-15Elsan Haus ArkaimUnknown
2002-08-15Elsan Haus ArminiusUnknown
2002-08-15Elsan Haus AsterixUnknown
1999-12-20Galla Konasta O'BraisUnknown
1999-12-20Galla Konasta O'de SorenzaUnknown
1999-12-20Galla Konasta OrsolanaUnknown
1999-12-20Galla Konasta OrsonUnknown
1999-12-20Galla Konasta OrtenciaUnknown
1999-12-20Galla Konasta OsbornUnknown
2002-01-14Galla Konasta SalvatorUnknown
2002-01-14Galla Konasta SaragossaUnknown
2002-01-14Galla Konasta SatarelUnknown
2002-01-14Galla Konasta SavageUnknown
2002-01-14Galla Konasta SkerzoUnknown
2002-01-14Galla Konasta SkorpioUnknown
2002-01-14Galla Konasta SolveigUnknown
2002-01-14Galla Konasta SorantaUnknown
2002-01-14Galla Konasta SorbonaUnknown
2002-01-14Galla Konasta SorrentoUnknown
2002-01-14Galla Konasta SortrezaUnknown
2003-02-10Gem'givveeon IachimoUnknown
2003-02-10Gem'givveeon IacoponeUnknown
2003-02-10Gem'givveeon InnocenzaUnknown
2003-02-10Gem'givveeon Iona IoleenUnknown
2003-02-10Gem'givveeon IssareUnknown
2003-02-10Gem'givveeon IvanhoeHD: A-1
2003-02-10Gem'givveeon IvankaUnknown
2003-02-10Gem'givveeon Ivo IvoireHD: B-1
2002-02-12Hercog Bazileus no DemetraUnknown
2002-02-12Hercog Borej no DemetraUnknown
2002-02-12Hercogine Bavkida no DemetraUnknown
2002-02-12Hercogine Bellona no DemetraUnknown
2002-02-12Hercogine Beotija no DemetraUnknown
2002-02-12Hercogine Boriada no DemetraHD: B-1
2002-02-12Hercogine Briseida no DemetraUnknown
2002-02-12Hercogine Brunhilde no DemetraUnknown
2000-04-16Imidz Zeja Zalora AlegarHD: A-1
2002-09-25Little League's Fabled FameHD: A-1
2002-09-25Little League's Favorite AceHD: B-1
2002-09-25Little League's Fear NoneUnknown
2002-09-25Little League's Final ScoreHD: B-1
2002-09-25Little League's Fine CatchUnknown
2002-09-25Little League's Friendly FaceUnknown
2002-09-25Little League's Frosty JoyHD: A-1
0000-00-00Orje AntseronaUnknown
2002-10-24Ortans Prinsessa EvaUnknown
2001-05-19S'Lichobor BrunettaUnknown
2001-05-19S'Lichobor BysanUnknown
1999-02-17S'Lichobor IriskaUnknown
1999-02-17S'Lichobor IzumrudUnknown
2002-05-07Smart Wood Hills RafaelHD: A-1
2002-05-07Smart Wood Hills RaulUnknown
2002-05-07Smart Wood Hills ReniUnknown
2002-05-07Smart Wood Hills RianaUnknown
2002-05-07Smart Wood Hills RidgebackUnknown
2002-05-07Smart Wood Hills Rio-RicaUnknown
2002-05-07Smart Wood Hills RomanovaHD: C
2002-05-07Smart Wood Hills RubensUnknown
2000-04-16Zalvara Alegar ImidzUnknown
2000-04-16Zan'Zibar Alegar ImidzHD: A-1
2000-04-16Zana Zabella Alegar ImidzUnknown
2000-04-16Zaura Alegar ImidzUnknown
2000-04-16Zeja Zeola Alegar ImidzUnknown
2000-04-16Zetta Alegar ImidzUnknown
2002-08-22Zhordan GordonUnknown
2000-04-16Zlata Alegar imidzUnknown
2000-04-16Zoltan Neo Alegar ImidzUnknown
2000-04-16Zolushka Alegar ImidzUnknown
Added by Simone
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