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Perri Primadonna Piligrimas
Name Perri Primadonna Piligrimas
Owner Unknown
Breeder Viktorija Govarenkoviene (Piligrimas)
Gender Bitch
Pedigreebook LSVKD
Pedigreenumber Unknown
Colour Black
Sire Victor di Casa Balestrieri
Dam Taisija iz Slavnoi Stai
Date of birth 2001-09-09
Date deceased Unknown
Cause of death Unknown
Extra information Import Russia: RKF1200044
HD Status HD: A-1
"von Willebrand" Unknown
Wobbler Syndrom (C.V.I.) Unknown
Cardiomyopathie Holter and Echo Unknown
Cardiomyopathie DNA Marker Unknown
Dilute Unknown
Inbred percentage 11.8628 %
Brothers and sisters
2001-09-09Pablo Picaso PiligrimasUnknown
2001-09-09Pam Prunella PiligrimasUnknown
2001-02-09Paola Penelopa PiligrimasHD: A-1
2001-09-09Pat Patric PiligrimasUnknown
2001-09-09Pepe Pompidu PiligrimasHD: B-1
2001-02-09Piero Pepino PiligrimasUnknown
2001-09-09Pontij Pilat PiligrimasUnknown
2001-09-09Pret Patricia PiligrimasUnknown
2003-01-09Rossiiskiy Kolorit Egiptyanka EdaUnknown
2003-01-09Rossiiskiy kolorit Ekaterina VelikayaHD: B-1
2003-01-09Rossiiskiy Kolorit Elga Alberta EladaHD: A-1
2003-01-09Rossiiskiy Kolorit Estelina EldoradoUnknown
2004-02-18Rossiiskiy Kolorit Karmela KordeliaHD: A-1
2004-02-18Rossiiskiy Kolorit Kastra KylieUnknown
2004-02-18Rossiiskiy Kolorit Katrin Karol KenboUnknown
2004-02-18Rossiiskiy Kolorit Kenneth KingHD: A-1
2004-02-18Rossiiskiy Kolorit Kianu KvestorUnknown
2004-02-18Rossiiskiy Kolorit Klod KordenUnknown
2004-02-18Rossiiskiy Kolorit Koray Kora KassandraUnknown
2004-02-18Rossiiskiy Kolorit Korbin KhnumHD: B-1
2004-02-18Rossiiskiy Kolorit Kordes KafaraUnknown
2005-03-03Rossiiskiy Kolorit Madlen Mon AmoreUnknown
2005-03-03Rossiiskiy Kolorit Marika Miriam MelodijaUnknown
2005-03-03Rossiiskiy Kolorit Mavr VenezianskiyHD: A-1
2005-03-03Rossiiskiy Kolorit Max MaximusUnknown
2005-03-03Rossiiskiy Kolorit Meg MarvinUnknown
2005-03-03Rossiiskiy Kolorit Men MorisonUnknown
2005-03-03Rossiiskiy Kolorit Mersedes Mia LemiraUnknown
2005-03-03Rossiiskiy Kolorit Miki MaklaudUnknown
2005-03-03Rossiiskiy Kolorit Mishel Maxima UverturaUnknown
Added by Simone
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