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Graaf Gento v. Neerlands Stam (NHSB 405091)
Name Graaf Gento v. Neerlands Stam (NHSB 405091)
Owner Vera Knijff-Dermout
Breeder Vera Knijff-Dermout
Gender Stud
Pedigreebook NHSB
Pedigreenumber NHSB 405091
Colour Black
Sire Rado v. Fürstenfeld
Dam Gravin Anusjka v. Neerlands Stam
Date of birth 1967-03-07
Date deceased Unknown
Cause of death Unknown
Extra information Amsterdam Winner 1968
Dutch Champion
HD Status Unknown
"von Willebrand" Unknown
Wobbler Syndrom (C.V.I.) Unknown
Cardiomyopathie Holter and Echo Unknown
Cardiomyopathie DNA Marker Unknown
Dilute Unknown
Inbred percentage 6.8386 %
Brothers and sisters
1967-03-07Graaf Gijsber v. Neerlands StamUnknown
1968-01-30Graaf Igor v. Neerlands StamHD: A-1
1968-01-30Graaf Ingo v. Neerlands StamUnknown
1968-01-30Graaf Irwin v. Neerlands Stam (NHSB 429831)Unknown
1968-01-30Graaf Ivon v. Neerlands StamUnknown
1967-03-07Gravin Gabriella v. Neerlands StamUnknown
1967-03-07Gravin Gaby v. Neerlands StamUnknown
1967-03-07Gravin Gerry v. Neerlands StamUnknown
1967-03-07Gravin Gipsy v. Neerlands Stam (NHSB 405095)Unknown
1967-03-07Gravin Gitta v. Neerlands StamUnknown
1967-03-07Gravin Grada v. Neerlands StamUnknown
1968-01-30Gravin Ilse v. Neerlands StamUnknown
1968-01-30Gravin Ina v. Neerlands StamUnknown
1968-01-30Gravin Ines v. Neerlands StamUnknown
1968-01-30Gravin Iris v. Neerlands Stam (NHSB 429832)Unknown
1968-01-30Gravin Isis v. Neerlands Stam (NHSB 429836)Unknown
1972-02-29Aaresta v. Hoog OorsprongUnknown
1972-02-29Abel v. Hoog OorsprongUnknown
1972-02-29Abore v. Hoog OorsprongUnknown
1972-02-29Acaspar v. Hoog OorsprongUnknown
1972-02-29Acleo v. Hoog OorsprongUnknown
1971-07-13Ada v. GravenoordUnknown
1972-05-18Adonis v. KrassumUnknown
1973-06-01Adu v. AlosthaUnknown
1972-11-10Aida v. HehumUnknown
1972-04-22Ajax (NHSB 617118)Unknown
1971-07-27Akhor v.'t MenkhorsterslagUnknown
1972-02-29Aldo v. Hoog OorsprongUnknown
1970-07-21Alex (NHSB 525179)Unknown
1972-02-29Alexander v. Hoog OorsprongUnknown
1971-07-27Alexia v.'t MenkhorsterslagUnknown
1971-04-18Alfons (NHSB 545044)Unknown
1972-05-18Alfred v. KrassumUnknown
1972-02-29Alinda v. Hoog OorsprongUnknown
1972-10-01Aliwan v.d. GravinnekampUnknown
1975-04-28Alwin (NHSB 805459)Unknown
1972-05-18Alwin v. KrassumUnknown
1971-07-27Amanda v.'t MenkhorsterslagUnknown
1971-07-27Amber v.'t MenkhorsterslagUnknown
1972-02-29Amie v. Hoog OorsprongUnknown
1971-07-13Angela v. GravenoordUnknown
1973-06-13Anita (NHSB 672162)Unknown
1972-10-01Anita v.d. GravinnekampUnknown
1974-12-07Anja (NHSB 805467)Unknown
1971-07-13Anja v. GravenoordUnknown
1971-03-22Anja v.d. NoordeleeUnknown
1971-04-18Anka (NHSB 545050)Unknown
1972-03-31Anki (NHSB 611547)Unknown
1971-09-25Anouchka v. HehumUnknown
1973-05-01Anouska (NHSB 661852)Unknown
1973-06-01Anusjka v. AlosthaUnknown
1973-06-01Arak v. AlosthaUnknown
1971-07-13Arakker v. GravenoordUnknown
1971-04-18Arcanus (NHSB 545046)Unknown
1972-03-31Arco (NHSB 611544)Unknown
1973-09-14Arco (NHSB 721071)Unknown
1974-10-04Arcos uit 't TweeduusterUnknown
1971-04-18Ardonja (NHSB 545049)Unknown
1973-06-01Argoen v. AlosthaUnknown
1972-05-18Argos v. KrassumUnknown
1970-01-18Argus (NHSB 505430)Unknown
1972-08-25Arko (NHSB 632154)Unknown
1973-11-20Arko v. HehumUnknown
1971-07-27Arko v.'t MenkhorsterslagUnknown
1974-09-20Arlaine v.'t RijkeUnknown
1970-07-21Arno (NHSB 525180)Unknown
1971-09-17Arno (NHSB 574205)Unknown
1973-06-01Arno v. AlosthaUnknown
1971-12-03Arno v. Vaart en DuinUnknown
1971-04-18Arox (NHSB 545045)Unknown
1971-09-25Artho v. HehumUnknown
1972-02-29Asappo v. Hoog OorsprongUnknown
1973-06-01Aschwin v. AlosthaUnknown
1974-09-20Asizzy v.'t RijkeUnknown
1971-04-18Asta (NHSB 545048)Unknown
1972-01-10Asta (NHSB 584361)Unknown
1971-07-13Asta v. GravenoordUnknown
1972-04-20Asthor (NHSB 601873)Unknown
1969-12-27Astor (NHSB 500426)Unknown
1970-01-18Astor (NHSB 505432)Unknown
1972-04-20Astor (NHSB 601870)Unknown
1972-04-22Astor (NHSB 617120)Unknown
1972-08-25Astor (NHSB 632152)Unknown
1972-09-29Astor (NHSB 635633)Unknown
1973-06-13Astor (NHSB 672156)Unknown
1973-09-14Astor (NHSB 721070)Unknown
1971-07-13Astor v. GravenoordUnknown
1971-03-22Astor v.d. NoordeleeUnknown
1971-09-17Astra (NHSB 574207)Unknown
1972-05-18Astra v. KrassumUnknown
1974-10-22Astra v. SluiszichtUnknown
1969-06-11Astra v.d. Rotmanshoeve (NHSB 475714)Unknown
1970-07-21Astrid (NHSB 525182)Unknown
1971-07-13Astrid v. GravenoordUnknown
1973-11-20Astrid v. HehumUnknown
1971-07-27Astrid v.'t MenkhorsterslagUnknown
1974-09-20Astrid v.'t RijkeUnknown
1971-07-13Astrik v. GravenoordUnknown
1972-05-18Astrix v. KrassumUnknown
1971-03-22Aswin v.d. NoordeleeUnknown
1973-02-18Athos v. HagerloUnknown
1971-04-18Axel (NHSB 545043)Unknown
1970-12-22Babunia v.d. Hooghe WeideUnknown
1969-11-14Barney (NHSB 488072)Unknown
1974-01-04Baron Alva v. HollandsstamUnknown
1974-01-04Baron Asthor v. HollandsstamUnknown
1974-01-04Baron Chico v. HollandsstamUnknown
1974-01-04Baron Tom v. HollandsstamUnknown
1974-01-04Barones Carmen v. HollandsstamUnknown
1974-01-04Barones Marcha v. HollandsstamUnknown
1974-01-04Barones Mikie v. HollandsstamUnknown
1974-01-04Barones Teekla v. HollandsstamUnknown
1974-10-19Bart v. Dofranda's HofUnknown
1970-12-22Bart v.d. Hooghe WeideUnknown
1974-10-19Bas v. Dofranda's HofUnknown
1972-09-29Basco (NHSB 635628)Unknown
1970-08-29Basco v.d. FlorasteeUnknown
1972-03-22Basko v.d. PlasheimUnknown
1971-12-03Bastos v. Vaart en DuinUnknown
1973-07-21Batur v.d. Sielema-HoeveUnknown
1974-10-19Bea v. Dofranda's HofUnknown
1969-11-14Becky (NHSB 488073)Unknown
1972-01-10Belinda (NHSB 584360)Unknown
1974-10-19Benata v. Dofranda's HofUnknown
1973-09-24Benno uit 't TweeduusterUnknown
1972-01-10Bento (NHSB 584356)Unknown
1973-02-18Bento v. HagerloUnknown
1972-03-31Berdi (NHSB 611548)Unknown
1974-10-19Bero v. Dofranda's HofUnknown
1974-10-19Berona v. Dofranda's HofUnknown
1974-10-19Berry v. Dofranda's HofUnknown
1972-04-20Bessie (NHSB 601875)Unknown
1972-04-20Bianca (NHSB 601874)Unknown
1972-11-10Bianca v. Hehum (NHSB 649525)Unknown
1973-11-20Bianca v. Hehum (NHSB 713654)Unknown
1974-10-22Bianka v. SluiszichtUnknown
1970-01-18Blitz (NHSB 505434)Unknown
1969-11-14Bonito (NHSB 488071)Unknown
1975-04-28Bonnie (NHSB 805458)Unknown
1972-04-20Booby (NHSB 601872)Unknown
1970-02-05Bor (NHSB 500466)Unknown
1970-01-18Boris (NHSB 505437)Unknown
1972-04-20Boris (NHSB 601868)Unknown
1973-02-18Boris v. HagerloUnknown
1970-12-22Boris v.d. Hooghe WeideUnknown
1970-12-22Boy v.d. Hooghe Weide (NHSB 535510)Unknown
1974-10-22Brenda v. SluiszichtUnknown
1969-12-27Breston (NHSB 500428)Unknown
1971-12-03Breszja v. Vaart en DuinUnknown
1972-01-10Bruno (NHSB 584358)Unknown
1974-01-17Calla v.d. Farm LievendaalUnknown
1974-01-17Carex v.d. Farm LievendaalHD: A-1
1973-05-01Carlo (NHSB 661849)Unknown
1973-08-09Carmen v. OostperkUnknown
1973-08-09Casander Tommie v. OostperkUnknown
1973-05-01Caspur (NHSB 661848)Unknown
1973-06-13Castor (NHSB 672158)Unknown
1973-09-24Castor uit 't TweeduusterUnknown
1973-08-09Castor v. OostperkUnknown
1971-03-22Castor v.d. NoordeleeUnknown
1974-01-17Cavelina v.d. Farm LievendaalUnknown
1973-08-09Cazan v. OostperkUnknown
1973-08-09Ceasar v. OostperkUnknown
1973-09-24Ceceas uit 't TweeduusterUnknown
1973-08-09Celsa v. OostperkUnknown
1974-10-22Centho v. SluiszichtUnknown
1971-05-31Chico (NHSB 560005)Unknown
1974-12-07Chico (NHSB 805462)Unknown
1973-08-09Chique Isabelle v. OostperkUnknown
1969-06-11Chyta v.d. Rotmanshoeve (NHSB 475715)Unknown
1973-05-01Cindy (NHSB 661850)Unknown
1975-03-06Cindy v.h. KnapersvenUnknown
1970-08-29Cisca v.d. FlorasteeUnknown
1973-08-09Cita v. OostperkUnknown
1972-01-10Citha (NHSB 584359)Unknown
1972-04-22Cito (NHSB 617119)Unknown
1971-12-03Cito v. Vaart en DuinUnknown
1973-08-09Cjente v. OostperkUnknown
1973-05-16Claudia (NHSB 676761)Unknown
1974-10-04Cleopatra uit 't TweeduusterUnknown
1975-03-06Clovis v.h. KnapersvenUnknown
1973-08-09Columbus v. OostperkUnknown
1972-03-31Cora (NHSB 611546)Unknown
1971-09-25Cora v. HehumUnknown
1971-09-15Cora v.d. Rotmanshoeve (NHSB 576510)Unknown
1971-03-22Corina v.d. NoordeleeUnknown
1973-05-16Corra (NHSB 676764)Unknown
1971-10-15Count Igor v. FloraasteeUnknown
1971-10-15Count Jason v. FloraasteeUnknown
1971-10-15Count Jeffrey v. FloraasteeUnknown
1973-09-24Cyrille uit 't TweeduusterUnknown
1972-04-22Dagmar (NHSB 617124)Unknown
1973-05-16Dagmar (NHSB 676763)Unknown
1972-03-21Daiya v.d. FlorasteeUnknown
1970-07-21Danja (NHSB 525184)Unknown
1973-06-13Danja (NHSB 672161)Unknown
1970-01-06Desire v. Petranda's HofUnknown
1972-03-21Destral v.d. FlorasteeUnknown
1972-03-31Diana (NHSB 611549)Unknown
1970-01-06Diana v. Petranda's HofUnknown
1971-09-15Dinja-Rella v.d. RotmanshoeveUnknown
1970-01-06Dirk v. Petranda's HofUnknown
1970-07-07Djuna (NHSB 524076)Unknown
1970-01-06Dolf v. Petranda's HofUnknown
1972-03-21Don Sebastian v.d. FlorasteeUnknown
1971-03-22Donar v.d. NoordeleeUnknown
1971-09-17Donja (NHSB 574206)Unknown
1972-09-29Donja (NHSB 635632)Unknown
1973-07-21Donja v.d. Sielema-HoeveUnknown
1973-06-13Donna (NHSB 672160)Unknown
1970-01-06Doris v. Petranda's HofUnknown
1973-07-21Dosja v.d. Sielema-HoeveUnknown
1972-02-18Douglas (NHSB 611557)Unknown
1975-04-28Duc (NHSB 805457)Unknown
1970-01-06Duc v. Petranda's HofUnknown
1972-03-21Duchesse Narai v.d. FlorasteeUnknown
1970-01-06Duchesse v. Petranda's HofUnknown
1969-12-27Duffy (NHSB 500424)Unknown
1972-03-21Duke Patrick v.d. FloresteeUnknown
1972-03-21Duke Taiga v.d. FlorasteeUnknown
1972-03-21Duke v.d. FlorasteeUnknown
1970-01-06Duke-Hassan v. Petranda's HofUnknown
1970-01-06Duko v. Petranda's HofUnknown
1973-11-20Dunja v. HehumUnknown
1973-05-16Dusky (NHSB 676762)Unknown
1971-01-28Edith v. Petranda's HofUnknown
1971-01-28Elfi v. Petranda's HofUnknown
1971-01-28Emir-Gento v. Petranda's HofUnknown
1971-01-28Erik-Inca v. Petranda's HofUnknown
1971-01-28Ero v. Petranda's HofUnknown
1973-09-24Ester uit 't TweeduusterUnknown
1974-12-07Esther (NHSB 805466)Unknown
1971-01-28Esther v. Petranda's HofUnknown
1971-12-03Esther v. Vaart en DuinUnknown
1971-01-28Estor v. Petranda's Hof (NHSB 540671)Unknown
1972-09-29Falco (NHSB 635631)Unknown
1972-11-10Falko v. HehumUnknown
1970-01-18Fanny (NHSB 505433)Unknown
1971-08-06Faroek v. Petranda's HofUnknown
1971-08-06Fasjah v. Petranda's HofUnknown
1970-06-27Fasta v.d. Zeeuwse LandenUnknown
1971-08-06Fedor v. Petranda's HofUnknown
1970-06-27Fedor v.d. Zeeuwse LandenUnknown
1971-08-06Feito v. Petranda's HofUnknown
1974-10-04Fellow uit 't TweeduusterUnknown
1970-06-27Fernando v.d. Zeeuwse LandenUnknown
1970-06-27Ferri v.d. Zeeuwse LandenUnknown
1971-08-06Ferro v. Petranda's Hof (NHSB 562012)Unknown
1970-06-27Fhilippo v.d. Zeeuwse LandenUnknown
1970-08-29Floortje v.d. FlorasteeUnknown
1971-08-06Flora v. Petranda's HofUnknown
1971-08-06Fodor v. Petranda's HofUnknown
1970-06-27Foster v.d. Zeeuwse LandenUnknown
1971-08-06Freule Hendrika v. Petranda's HofUnknown
1971-08-06Freya Colinda v. Petranda's HofUnknown
1970-06-27Frianka v.d. Zeeuwse LandenUnknown
1970-06-27Frida v.d. Zeeuwse LandenUnknown
1970-06-27Friso v.d. Zeeuwse LandenUnknown
1975-03-06Gedo v.h. KnapersvenUnknown
1969-12-27Gento (NHSB 500430)Unknown
1970-07-07Gento (NHSB 524074)Unknown
1971-04-18Gento (NHSB 545042)Unknown
1972-02-15Gento (NHSB 604163)Unknown
1972-04-22Gento (NHSB 617122)Unknown
1973-11-20Gento v. HehumUnknown
1974-10-22Gento v. SluiszichtUnknown
1971-09-15Gento v.d. Rotmanshoeve (NHSB 576505)Unknown
1975-03-06Gento v.h. KnapersvenUnknown
1970-07-07Genton (NHSB 524075)Unknown
1972-02-15Gentor (NHSB 604161)Unknown
1974-03-11Graaf Abor v. Neerlands GrondUnknown
1974-03-11Graaf Apollo v. Neerlands GrondUnknown
1974-03-11Graaf Arthur v. Neerlands GrondUnknown
1974-01-27Graaf Asta v. MawoUnknown
1973-02-10Graaf Astor v. MawoUnknown
1973-01-22Graaf Basko v.h. HazenbroekUnknown
1974-01-27Graaf Basto v. MawoUnknown
1973-01-22Graaf Benno v.h. HazenbroekUnknown
1973-01-22Graaf Bento v.h. HazenbroekUnknown
1974-01-27Graaf Boris v. MawoUnknown
1972-03-21Graaf Bruno v. RastenwaldUnknown
1971-10-15Graaf Caesar v. FloraasteeUnknown
1974-03-07Graaf Ecco v. BoekenderhofUnknown
1974-03-07Graaf Edo v. BoekenderhofUnknown
1974-01-27Graaf Eiko v. MawoUnknown
1972-03-21Graaf Eppo v. RastenwaldUnknown
1974-03-07Graaf Estor v. BoekenderhofUnknown
1974-10-04Graaf Gento uit 't TweeduusterUnknown
1972-03-21Graaf Gento v. RastenwaldUnknown
1971-02-02Graaf Haldor v. RastenwaldUnknown
1972-03-21Graaf Irwan v. RastenwaldUnknown
1971-02-02Graaf Marko v. RastenwaldUnknown
1972-03-21Graaf Norwin v. RastenwaldUnknown
1972-05-15Graaf Odin v. Neerlands Stam (NHSB 599003)Unknown
1972-05-15Graaf Omar v. Neerlands Stam (NHSB 599001)Unknown
1972-05-15Graaf Oscar v. Neerlands Stam (NHSB 599002)Unknown
1972-03-21Graaf Rado v. RastenwaldUnknown
1971-09-15Graaf Thor v.d. RotmanshoeveUnknown
1974-03-11Gravin Albina v. Neerlands GrondUnknown
1971-02-02Gravin Alexandra v. RastenwaldUnknown
1974-03-11Gravin Amera v. Neerlands GrondUnknown
1974-03-11Gravin Amila v. Neerlands GrondUnknown
1974-03-11Gravin Anathia v. Neerlands GrondUnknown
1973-02-10Gravin Anka v. MawoUnknown
1972-03-21Gravin Aranka v. RastenwaldUnknown
1974-03-11Gravin Ashtrid v. Neerlands GrondUnknown
1973-02-10Gravin Astrid v. Mawo (NHSB 647293)Unknown
1974-01-27Gravin Astrid v. Mawo (NHSB 722074)Unknown
1973-02-10Gravin Atessa v. MawoUnknown
1974-01-27Gravin Atessa v. MawoUnknown
1974-03-11Gravin Axtra v. Neerlands GrondUnknown
1973-02-10Gravin Bella v. MawoUnknown
1973-09-24Gravin Choco uit 't TweeduusterUnknown
1973-02-10Gravin Erna v. MawoUnknown
1971-02-02Gravin Ester v. RastenwaldUnknown
1974-03-07Gravin Esther v. BoekenderhofUnknown
1974-03-07Gravin Evelien v. BoekenderhofUnknown
1973-01-22Gravin Juruda v.h. HazenbroekUnknown
1973-02-10Gravin Marscha v. MawoUnknown
1972-05-15Gravin Odette v. Neerlands StamUnknown
1972-05-15Gravin Olga v. Neerlands Stam (NHSB 599004)Unknown
1972-05-15Gravin Olivia v. Neerlands Stam (NHSB 599006)Unknown
1972-05-15Gravin Orta v. Neerlands StamUnknown
1973-01-22Gravin Seija v.h. HazenbroekUnknown
1974-01-27Gravin Sindy v. MawoUnknown
1973-02-10Gravin Tanja v. MawoUnknown
1972-03-21Gravin Tanja v. RastenwaldUnknown
1972-03-21Gravin Thamar v. RastenwaldUnknown
1971-02-02Gravin Tosca v. RastenwaldUnknown
1974-01-27Gravin Wodan v. MawoUnknown
1972-09-29Gunther (NHSB 635630)Unknown
1973-02-18Heidy v. HagerloUnknown
1973-02-18Heiko v. HagerloUnknown
1972-11-10Hektor v. HehumUnknown
1969-12-27Hesta (NHSB 500431)Unknown
1972-05-03Iborus (NHSB 620900)Unknown
1972-05-03Ibouscha (NHSB 620902)Unknown
1975-03-06Inka v.h. KnapersvenUnknown
1972-04-22Ioebolt (NHSB 617121)Unknown
1972-05-03Ira (NHSB 620899)Unknown
1970-07-16Irma v.d. DankershoeveUnknown
1974-07-05Isabella (NHSB 744411)Unknown
1970-02-05Isedora (NHSB 500469)Unknown
1972-05-03Ivor (NHSB 620901)Unknown
1969-12-27Iwan (NHSB 500429)Unknown
1974-07-05Iwan (NHSB 744409)Unknown
1971-09-25Iwan v. HehumUnknown
1972-02-15James (NHSB 604162)Unknown
1970-07-16Janus v.d. DankershoeveUnknown
1972-11-10Jenny v. HehumUnknown
1973-09-14Judy (NHSB 721072)Unknown
1973-05-16Karat (NHSB 676759)Unknown
1971-09-14Karin Asta v.'t ZandboschUnknown
1971-09-14Karinne v.'t ZandboschUnknown
1971-09-14Karmen v.'t ZandboschUnknown
1971-09-25Kaschba v. HehumUnknown
1972-02-15Kassan (NHSB 604159)Unknown
1972-02-15Kasto (NHSB 604160)Unknown
1971-12-03Kastor v. Vaart en DuinUnknown
1971-09-14Kate v.'t ZandboschUnknown
1972-04-20Katja (NHSB 601877)Unknown
1972-12-06Katja v.d. FlorasteeUnknown
1971-04-18Kazan (NHSB 545047)Unknown
1972-02-18Kazan (NHSB 611556)Unknown
1974-07-05Kazan (NHSB 744408)Unknown
1971-09-14Keetah v.'t ZandboschUnknown
1971-09-25Kora v. HehumUnknown
1970-01-18Kore (NHSB 505436)Unknown
1971-09-14Kyra v.'t ZandboschUnknown
1971-10-29Labor v.'t ZandboschUnknown
1970-07-16Lady v.d. DankershoeveUnknown
1971-10-29Lamyra v.'t ZandboschUnknown
1971-10-29Lara v.'t ZandboschUnknown
1971-10-29Lasandro v.'t ZandboschUnknown
1973-07-21Layko v.d. Sielema-HoeveUnknown
1971-10-29Legende v.'t ZandboschUnknown
1971-10-29Legento v.'t ZandboschUnknown
1971-10-29Legentor v.'t ZandboschUnknown
1971-12-03Lesther v. Vaart en DuinUnknown
1973-06-13Lex (NHSB 672159)Unknown
1975-03-06Linda v.h. KnapersvenUnknown
1972-04-20Loekie (NHSB 601871)Unknown
1972-11-10Loekie v. HehumUnknown
1973-09-24Mabel uit 't TweeduusterUnknown
1971-12-28Madame Anusjka v.'t ZandboschUnknown
1971-09-15Maja-Inge v.d. RotmanshoeveUnknown
1971-12-28Maradja v.'t ZandboschUnknown
1970-02-05Marco (NHSB 500465)Unknown
1973-05-01Marco (NHSB 661851)Unknown
1974-12-07Marco (NHSB 805461)Unknown
1971-12-28Marco v.'t Zandbosch (NHSB 578484)Unknown
1973-07-21Marco v.d. Sielema-HoeveUnknown
1970-02-05Marcos (NHSB 500467)Unknown
1969-06-26Margo v.d. BreevorstUnknown
1969-12-27Max (NHSB 500425)Unknown
1971-09-25Max v. HehumUnknown
1969-06-26Max v.d. BreevorstUnknown
1970-07-21Meta (NHSB 525185)Unknown
1969-06-26Mierik v.d. BreevorstUnknown
1970-07-21Mierza (NHSB 525183)Unknown
1969-06-26Mikel v.d. BreevorstUnknown
1970-02-05Miko (NHSB 500468)Unknown
1972-08-25Miko (NHSB 632155)Unknown
1969-06-26Milord v.d. BreevorstUnknown
1972-11-10Mindo v. HehumUnknown
1972-04-20Mira (NHSB 601879)Unknown
1969-06-26Miranda v.d. BreevorstUnknown
1973-11-20Misha v. HehumUnknown
1971-12-28Monti v.'t ZandboschUnknown
1973-05-16Morrie (NHSB 676760)Unknown
1969-06-26Muck v.d. BreevorstUnknown
1969-06-26Mustapha v.d. BreevorstUnknown
1971-12-03Nasha v. Vaart en DuinUnknown
1973-05-16Nasja (NHSB 676765)Unknown
1972-03-21Natascha v.d. FlorasteeUnknown
1972-08-25Natasja (NHSB 632156)Unknown
1972-04-20Nero (NHSB 601867)Unknown
1973-11-20Nero v. Hehum (NHSB 713652)Unknown
1972-02-18Nino (NHSB 611558)Unknown
1972-02-18Nono (NHSB 611559)Unknown
1972-02-18Oscar (NHSB 611555)Unknown
1973-02-18Oscar v. Hagerlo (NHSB 661722)Unknown
1974-10-22Pado v. SluiszichtUnknown
1971-09-25Panda v. HehumUnknown
1974-12-07Pascal (NHSB 805463)Unknown
1972-02-15Pascha (NHSB 604165)Unknown
0000-00-00Pasja v.d. DankershoeveUnknown
1971-12-03Peter v. Vaart en DuinUnknown
1969-12-27Pienter (NHSB 500427)Unknown
1972-01-10Prento (NHSB 584357)Unknown
1974-12-07Preston (NHSB 805465)Unknown
1972-08-25Prins (NHSB 632151)Unknown
1970-07-16Prins v.d. DankershoeveUnknown
1972-01-10Rado (NHSB 584355)Unknown
1972-09-29Ramses (NHSB 635629)Unknown
1972-04-20Ranca (NHSB 601876)Unknown
1972-04-20Ranco (NHSB 601869)Unknown
1971-03-22Rasko v.d. NoordeleeUnknown
1972-08-25Rex (NHSB 632153)Unknown
1970-07-16Ringo v.d. DankershoeveUnknown
1970-01-18Rita (NHSB 505438)Unknown
1973-02-18Rob v. HagerloUnknown
1970-01-18Roland (NHSB 505431)Unknown
1974-12-07Roland (NHSB 805460)Unknown
1972-04-20Romy (NHSB 601878)Unknown
1970-07-21Ronald (NHSB 525181)Unknown
1971-09-15Sander v.d. RotmanshoeveUnknown
1972-04-22Sandor (NHSB 617123)Unknown
1971-09-15Sandra v.d. RotmanshoeveUnknown
1971-09-25Sasja v. HehumUnknown
1974-07-05Saskia (NHSB 744410)Unknown
1974-10-22Scharlett v. SluiszichtUnknown
1971-09-15Shelley v.d. RotmanshoeveUnknown
1973-11-20Silma v. HehumUnknown
1969-12-27Sindy (NHSB 500433)Unknown
1973-07-21Smoggy v.d. Sielema-HoeveUnknown
1970-07-07Sonja (NHSB 524077)Unknown
1972-03-31Sonja (NHSB 611545)Unknown
1973-09-14Sonja (NHSB 721073)Unknown
1970-07-16Sonja v.d. Dankershoeve (NHSB 523984)Unknown
1972-11-10Sultan v. HehumUnknown
1970-07-16Sultan v.d. DankershoeveUnknown
1975-03-06Suria v.h. KnapersvenUnknown
1974-10-04Tanja uit 't TweeduusterUnknown
1972-03-21Tanja v.d. FlorasteeUnknown
1971-05-31Tara (NHSB 560006)Unknown
1971-09-17Tascha (NHSB 574208)Unknown
1973-07-21Tascha v.d. Sielema-HoeveUnknown
1971-05-31Tasja (NHSB 560007)Unknown
1972-04-22Tasja (NHSB 617125)Unknown
1973-02-18Tasja v. HagerloUnknown
1971-12-03Tasja v. Vaart en DuinUnknown
1972-11-10Telstar v. HehumUnknown
1972-11-10Tenna v. HehumUnknown
1970-01-18Tinka (NHSB 505439)Unknown
1972-07-29Titia v.d. LekstreekUnknown
1971-09-25Torra v. HehumUnknown
1972-02-15Torro (NHSB 604164)Unknown
1970-01-18Tosca (NHSB 505435)Unknown
1971-09-17Tosca (NHSB 574209)HD: C
1972-01-10Triksie (NHSB 584363)Unknown
1972-01-10Trixie (NHSB 584364)Unknown
1971-12-03Vasco v. Vaart en DuinHD: C
1969-12-27Vera (NHSB 500432)Unknown
1972-01-10Vera (NHSB 584362)Unknown
1974-10-22Vera v. SluiszichtUnknown
1971-12-03Vesta v. Vaart en DuinUnknown
1973-06-13Viktor (NHSB 672157)Unknown
1975-03-06Vito v.h. KnapersvenUnknown
1974-12-07Waldo (NHSB 805464)Unknown
1974-08-03Wendella v. MourickUnknown
1970-07-16Zeus v.d. DankershoeveUnknown
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