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Atreyo de Grande Vinko
Name Atreyo de Grande Vinko
Owner Unknown
Breeder E.A. & N. Ananyeva / Solovyova
Gender Stud
Pedigreebook UKU
Pedigreenumber 001833/02
Colour Brown
Sire Tigr iz Slavnoi Stai
Dam Ak-Yar Andromeda
Date of birth 2001-03-22
Date deceased 2007-04-16
Cause of death 06-year / ?
Extra information IPO I
Ukranian Champion
HD Status HD: A-1
"von Willebrand" Unknown
Wobbler Syndrom (C.V.I.) Unknown
Cardiomyopathie Holter and Echo Unknown
Cardiomyopathie DNA Marker Unknown
Dilute Unknown
Inbred percentage 6.6654 %
Brothers and sisters
2001-03-22Adamant de Grande VinkoHD: A-1
2001-03-22Adonis de Grande VinkoUnknown
2001-03-22Afina de Grande VinkoUnknown
2001-03-22Aida de Grande VinkoHD: A-1
2001-03-22Akuna Matata de Grande VinkoHD: A-1
2001-03-22Ali de Grande VinkoUnknown
2001-03-22Antej de Grande VinkoUnknown
2001-03-22Ariadna de Grande VinkoUnknown
2001-03-22Arlett de Grande VinkoUnknown
2002-09-27Afrodita v. Anberi Unknown
2002-09-27Amadey v. Anberi Unknown
2002-09-27Antey v. Anberi Unknown
2004-07-26Aqvilon CacoaUnknown
2004-07-26Aqvilon CalwadoUnknown
2004-07-26Aqvilon CamillaUnknown
2004-07-26Aqvilon CasablancaUnknown
2004-07-26Aqvilon CassiusUnknown
2004-07-26Aqvilon CenzoUnknown
2004-07-26Aqvilon CherryUnknown
2004-07-26Aqvilon Cherwona RutaUnknown
2004-07-26Aqvilon CorwinUnknown
2002-09-27Ardzhany v. Anberi Unknown
2002-09-27Assol v. Anberi Unknown
2002-09-27Atenais-Avrora v. AnberiHD: A-1
2005-07-18Fidel iz GratsianoUnknown
2005-07-18Filippa iz GratsianoUnknown
2005-07-18Fishka iz GratsianoUnknown
2005-07-18Fors iz GratsianoUnknown
2004-12-20Half of My Soul de Grande VinkoUnknown
2004-12-20Handsome de Grande VinkoUnknown
2004-12-20Hanky-panky de Grande VinkoUnknown
2004-12-20Harmony de Grande VinkoUnknown
2004-12-20Hazel Eye de Grande VinkoUnknown
2004-12-20Hazy Dream de Grande VinkoHD: A-1
2004-12-20Henna Happiness de Grande VinkoHD: A-1
0000-00-00Jade v. Haus LiopirisUnknown
0000-00-00Jedd v. Haus Liopiris Unknown
0000-00-00Jola v. Haus Liopiris Unknown
2006-03-28Teraline IdahoUnknown
2006-03-28Teraline ImprezaHD: A-1
2006-03-28Teraline IndigoHD: A-1
2006-03-28Teraline InfinitiUnknown
2006-03-28Teraline IngridHD: A-1
2006-03-28Teraline IsabelleUnknown
2006-03-28Teraline ItalyHD: A-1
2003-07-16Tsara Tsarina s Mysa HersonesUnknown
2003-07-16Tsarevna s Mysa HersonesUnknown
2003-07-16Tsentavr s Mysa HersonesUnknown
2003-07-16Tsersarka's Mysa HersonesHD: A-1
2003-07-16Tsiklamen s Mysa HersonesUnknown
2003-07-16Tsimus s Mysa HersonesUnknown
2003-07-16Tsipelin s Mysa HersonesUnknown
2005-05-05Ukraina iz GratsianoUnknown
2005-05-05Ulybka-Fortuny iz GratsianoUnknown
2005-05-05Uran iz GratsianoUnknown
2005-05-05Urus Uragan iz GratsianoUnknown
2005-05-05Uslada iz GratsianoUnknown
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