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Hertog Django v. Manensheide (NHSB 1112718)
Name Hertog Django v. Manensheide (NHSB 1112718)
Owner J.A.F. Bemelmans (v. Manensheide)
Breeder J.A.F. Bemelmans (v. Manensheide)
Gender Stud
Pedigreebook NHSB
Pedigreenumber NHSB 1112718
Colour Brown
Sire Chiby v.d. Insberg
Dam Hertogin Joy v. Manensheide (NHSB 837266)
Date of birth 1980-06-18
Date deceased Unknown
Cause of death Unknown
Extra information SchH III , UV, ZTP 1A V
Dutch Champion
German Champion DV
European Champion
German Champion VDH
DV Sieger 1982
IDC Sieger 1983
DVIN Yearprice Winner Exterior 1982
BDCB Youth Winner 1981
BDCB Club Winner 1982

HD result Germany: HD-1
HD Status HD: B-1
"von Willebrand" Unknown
Wobbler Syndrom (C.V.I.) Unknown
Cardiomyopathie Holter and Echo Unknown
Cardiomyopathie DNA Marker Unknown
Dilute Unknown
Inbred percentage 13.1665 %
Brothers and sisters
1980-06-18Hertog Dajo v. ManensheideUnknown
1980-06-18Hertog Dark v. ManensheideUnknown
1980-06-18Hertog Dona v. ManensheideHD: C
1980-06-18Hertog Donar v. ManensheideUnknown
1980-06-18Hertogin Diana v. ManensheideUnknown
1980-06-18Hertogin Dunja v. Manensheide (NHSB 1112724)Unknown
1982-09-10Acita v. BerchofUnknown
1983-06-02Aimee v. GrüntalHD: B-1
1984-05-16Alba de Longa v.h. DroomkasteelUnknown
1982-09-10Alcor v. BerchofUnknown
1983-06-02Andra v. GrüntalUnknown
1983-06-02Angel v. GrüntalUnknown
1983-06-02Anuschka v. GrüntalUnknown
1985-11-14Aron (NHSB 1433226)Unknown
1985-08-05Ascha (NHSB 1426465)Unknown
1984-08-22Astra (NHSB 1356671)Unknown
1983-06-02Athlet v. GrüntalUnknown
1984-01-15Bardo (NHSB 1312530)Unknown
1984-05-16Barri v.h. DroomkasteelUnknown
1984-07-29Bo Danja v.d. RoyenborghUnknown
1984-07-29Bo Dayan v.d. RoyenborghUnknown
1984-07-29Bo Djanga v.d. RoyenborghUnknown
1984-07-29Bo Django v.d. RoyenborghUnknown
1984-07-29Bo Lonka v.d. RoyenborghUnknown
1985-08-05Bruno (NHSB 1426462)Unknown
1985-11-14Caesar (NHSB 1433228)Unknown
1984-01-15Cazan (NHSB 1312532)Unknown
1984-01-15Chester (NHSB 1312531)Unknown
1984-08-22Chiby (NHSB 1356667)Unknown
1984-01-15Chico (NHSB 1312533)Unknown
1985-06-24Cilla v.h. DroomkasteelUnknown
1985-11-14Cindy (NHSB 1433232)Unknown
0000-00-00Daisy v. HoldensteinUnknown
1985-06-24Daisy v.h. DroomkasteelUnknown
1984-08-22Dana (NHSB 1356669)Unknown
0000-00-00Dana v. HoldensteinUnknown
0000-00-00Dero v. HoldensteinUnknown
1986-07-06Desie (NHSB 1487455)Unknown
0000-00-00Django v. HoldensteinUnknown
1985-06-24Django v.h. DroomkasteelUnknown
1984-05-16Django v.h. DroomkasteelUnknown
0000-00-00Doenja v. HoldensteinUnknown
0000-00-00Dorkas v. HoldensteinUnknown
1984-01-15Duchie (NHSB 1312537)Unknown
1984-03-13Edgar v. HoldensteinUnknown
1986-01-28Eick v. Schloss SchönauUnknown
1984-05-16Elsa v.h. Droomkasteel (NHSB 1329156)Unknown
1984-03-13Elvera v. HoldensteinUnknown
1984-03-13Enza v. HoldensteinUnknown
1984-03-13Eric v. HoldensteinUnknown
1986-01-28Ero v. Schloss SchönauUnknown
1984-03-13Esther v. HoldensteinHD: B-1
1985-05-22Fabia-Channa v.d'Aole SteeUnknown
1985-05-22Faby v.d'Aole SteeUnknown
1984-03-23Faisca v. HoldensteinUnknown
1985-05-22Fanny v.d'Aole SteeUnknown
1984-01-15Fasco (NHSB 1312535)Unknown
1985-05-22Fausto Sultan v.d'Aole SteeUnknown
1984-03-23Fedor v. HoldensteinUnknown
1985-11-14Ferra (NHSB 1433233)Unknown
1985-05-22Feya-Cinta v.d'Aole SteeUnknown
1985-05-22Fiola v.d'Aole SteeUnknown
1984-03-23Fiona v. HoldensteinUnknown
1984-03-23Floda v. HoldensteinUnknown
1985-05-22Freja v.d'Aole SteeUnknown
1986-08-06Gero v. Schloss SchönauUnknown
1986-08-06Gerry v. Schloss SchönauUnknown
1986-08-06Gilda v. Schloss SchönauUnknown
1986-08-06Gill v. Schloss SchönauUnknown
1986-08-06Glenn v. Schloss SchönauUnknown
1985-06-24Graaf Argos v.h. DroomkasteelUnknown
1984-05-16Gravin Janellie v.h. DroomkasteelUnknown
1986-08-06Guido v. Schloss SchönauUnknown
1984-10-24Hamos v. HoldensteinUnknown
1983-06-05Harco v.d. Donken at VyleighsUnknown
1983-06-14Hedda v. ZigeunerblutUnknown
1983-06-14Heisy v. ZigeunerblutUnknown
1984-10-24Hera v. HoldensteinUnknown
1983-06-14Hero v. ZigeunerblutUnknown
1983-12-19Hertog Balder v. ManensheideUnknown
1984-04-24Hertog Dargo v. ManensheideUnknown
1984-04-24Hertog Dugart v. ManensheideUnknown
1984-04-24Hertog Dwight v. Manensheide (NHSB 1328396)Unknown
1984-04-26Hertog Edgar v. ManensheideUnknown
1984-04-26Hertog Edo-Aldo v. ManensheideUnknown
1984-04-26Hertog Edwin v. ManensheideUnknown
1984-04-26Hertog Egor v. ManensheideUnknown
1984-04-26Hertog Eros v. ManensheideUnknown
1984-04-26Hertog Eroy v. ManensheideHD: B-2
1983-09-08Hertog Ivan v. ManensheideUnknown
1985-01-15Hertog Kazan v. ManensheideUnknown
1985-01-15Hertog Kevin v. ManensheideUnknown
1981-09-18Hertog Nathan v. Manensheide (NHSB 1181613)Unknown
1981-09-18Hertog Negon v. ManensheideUnknown
1981-09-18Hertog Nestor v. ManensheideHD: A-1
1981-09-18Hertog Normen v. ManensheideUnknown
1985-10-30Hertog Patrick v. Manensheide (NHSB 1437486)Unknown
1985-10-30Hertog Pedro v. Manensheide (NHSB 1437488)Unknown
1985-10-30Hertog Pike v. ManensheideUnknown
1985-10-30Hertog Prisco v. ManensheideUnknown
1982-04-17Hertog Raisha v. ManensheideHD: B-1
1982-04-17Hertog Rex v. Manensheide (NHSB 1207772)Unknown
1982-04-17Hertog Ringo v. Manensheide (NHSB 1207774)Unknown
1982-02-17Hertog Rodan v. ManensheideUnknown
1982-04-17Hertog Roman v. ManensheideUnknown
1987-04-28Hertog Wando v. Manensheide (NHSB 1530732)Unknown
1987-04-28Hertog Wandro v. ManensheideUnknown
1987-04-28Hertog Winston v. ManensheideUnknown
1987-04-28Hertog Wodan v. ManensheideUnknown
0000-00-00Hertog Xander v. MansheideUnknown
0000-00-00Hertog Xanthos v. MansheideUnknown
0000-00-00Hertog Xido v. MansheideUnknown
1983-09-08Hertog Yakari v. ManensheideUnknown
1983-09-08Hertog Yau Sin v. ManensheideUnknown
1983-09-08Hertog Yck v. ManensheideUnknown
1988-01-06Hertog Ygor v. Manensheide (NHSB 1574280)Unknown
1988-01-06Hertog Yk v. ManensheideUnknown
1983-09-08Hertog Ylco v. ManensheideUnknown
1983-09-08Hertog Yuri v. ManensheideUnknown
1983-09-26Hertog Zorro v. Manensheide (NHSB 1292916)Unknown
1983-09-26Hertog Zyco v. ManensheideUnknown
1983-12-19Hertogin Berenike v. ManensheideUnknown
1983-12-19Hertogin Biby v. ManensheideUnknown
1983-12-19Hertogin Boaite v. ManensheideUnknown
1984-04-24Hertogin Demona v. ManensheideUnknown
1984-04-26Hertogin Eban v. ManensheideUnknown
1984-04-26Hertogin Elma v. ManensheideUnknown
1984-04-26Hertogin Ester v. ManensheideUnknown
1984-06-06Hertogin Gina v. Manensheide (NHSB 1341613)Unknown
1984-06-06Hertogin Gwendy v. ManensheideUnknown
1984-12-17Hertogin Indra v. Manensheide (NHSB 1381382)Unknown
1984-12-17Hertogin Iris v. Manensheide (NHSB 1381383)Unknown
1981-09-18Hertogin Nanda v. ManensheideUnknown
1981-09-18Hertogin Narda v. ManensheideUnknown
1981-09-18Hertogin Nicolle v. ManensheideUnknown
1985-10-30Hertogin Pamela v. ManensheideUnknown
1982-04-17Hertogin Ramona v. ManensheideUnknown
1982-04-17Hertogin Riba v. ManensheideUnknown
1982-04-17Hertogin Rita v. ManensheideUnknown
1982-04-17Hertogin Ruby v. ManensheideUnknown
1983-02-26Hertogin Waldo v. ManensheideUnknown
1987-04-28Hertogin Walenka v. ManensheideUnknown
1983-02-26Hertogin Wanda v. Manensheide (NHSB 1257242)Unknown
1987-04-28Hertogin Wanda v. Manensheide (NHSB 1530735)Unknown
1983-02-26Hertogin Wendy v. ManensheideHD: A-1
0000-00-00Hertogin Xandra v. MansheideUnknown
0000-00-00Hertogin Xavera v. MansheideUnknown
0000-00-00Hertogin Xita v. MansheideUnknown
0000-00-00Hertogin Xkanta v. MansheideUnknown
1988-01-06Hertogin Yanthe v. ManensheideUnknown
1983-09-08Hertogin Yinyin v. ManensheideUnknown
1988-01-06Hertogin Ylas v. ManensheideUnknown
1983-09-08Hertogin Yves v. ManensheideUnknown
1983-09-26Hertogin Zita v. Manensheide (NHSB 1292917)Unknown
1984-10-24Hessel v. HoldensteinUnknown
1983-06-14Hesta v. ZigeunerblutHD: A-1
1984-10-24Hidup v. HoldensteinUnknown
1983-06-14Hoco v. ZigeunerblutUnknown
1983-06-14Horis v. ZigeunerblutUnknown
1983-06-14Hulda v. ZigeunerblutHD: A-1
1984-10-24Hunter v. HoldensteinUnknown
1985-06-06Igor v. HoldensteinUnknown
1985-06-06Illebracht v. HoldensteinUnknown
1984-10-26Inka v.d. WuytjeshoeveUnknown
1984-05-06Irak v.d. DonkenUnknown
1986-07-06Isa (NHSB 1487453)Unknown
1985-06-06Iwan v. HoldensteinUnknown
1984-10-26Izaro v.d. WuytjeshoeveUnknown
1985-08-05James (NHSB 1426464)Unknown
1984-01-15Keshja (NHSB 1312536)Unknown
1986-07-06Kim (NHSB 1487456)Unknown
1984-01-15Kira (NHSB 1312538)Unknown
1985-11-14Kyra (NHSB 1433231)Unknown
1984-08-22Lady (NHSB 1356670)Unknown
1982-09-02Major Ludo v. Karo-SesanderUnknown
1986-07-26Marcha v. ZigeunerblutUnknown
1982-09-02Maxy v. Karo-SesanderHD: A-1
1986-07-26Mellu v. ZigeunerblutUnknown
1986-07-26Molly v. ZigeunerblutUnknown
1986-07-26Monti v. ZigeunerblutUnknown
1986-07-26Moxi v. ZigeunerblutUnknown
1986-07-26Muschka v. ZigeunerblutUnknown
1982-09-02Mylady Ixa v. Karo-SesanderUnknown
1986-07-06Nora (NHSB 1487454)Unknown
1985-08-05Paco (NHSB 1426463)Unknown
1983-11-20Paola v.d. KunnemaborghUnknown
1983-11-20Pascal v.d. KunnemaborghUnknown
1986-07-06Pascha (NHSB 1487450)Unknown
1983-11-20Patica v.d. KunnemaborghUnknown
1983-11-20Patouche v.d. KunnemaborghUnknown
1983-11-20Pennij v.d. KunnemaborghUnknown
1983-11-20Plato v.d. KunnemaborghUnknown
1983-11-20Porthos v.d. KunnemaborghUnknown
1985-11-14Prince (NHSB 1433229)Unknown
1985-11-14Quinta (NHSB 1433234)Unknown
1985-08-05Rambo (NHSB 1426461)Unknown
1986-07-06Reno (NHSB 1487451)Unknown
1985-11-14Rocky (NHSB 1433227)Unknown
1985-11-14Saïda (NHSB 1433230)Unknown
1984-08-22Santos (NHSB 1356666)Unknown
1984-01-15Shaila (NHSB 1312539)Unknown
1984-08-22Sonja (NHSB 1356668)Unknown
1986-07-06Tanja (NHSB 1487452)Unknown
1984-05-16Tirza v.h. DroomkasteelUnknown
1984-01-15Tjeda (NHSB 1312534)Unknown
1983-06-26Uchester v. Frieslands GlorieUnknown
1983-06-26Uno v. Frieslands GlorieUnknown
1983-06-26Urson v. Frieslands GlorieUnknown
1983-06-26Uttah v. Frieslands GlorieUnknown
1985-11-14Vanessa (NHSB 1433235)Unknown
1985-08-05Veronica (NHSB 1426467)Unknown
1986-07-06Xando (NHSB 1487449)Unknown
1985-06-24Zeppel v.h. DroomkasteelUnknown
1985-06-24Zeus v.h. DroomkasteelUnknown
1985-08-05Zito (NHSB 1426466)Unknown
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