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Livonijas Baron Honour Hex
Name Livonijas Baron Honour Hex
Owner Lyudmila Morozova (Elegant Line)
Breeder N. Rubasenko & J. Pipira
Gender Stud
Pedigreebook LT
Pedigreenumber 1199/04
Colour Black
Sire Nitro del Rio Bianco
Dam Paola Penelopa Piligrimas
Date of birth 2004-01-03
Date deceased 2007-05-10
Cause of death Unknown
Extra information 03-year
COD: Osteochondrosis and Spondylosis

Multi Champion,
Moldavia Champion
Belorussia Champion
Ukraine Champion,
Russia Champion,
Serbia Champion
HD Status HD: A-1
"von Willebrand" Unknown
Wobbler Syndrom (C.V.I.) Unknown
Cardiomyopathie Holter and Echo Unknown
Cardiomyopathie DNA Marker Unknown
Dilute Unknown
Inbred percentage 8.001 %
Brothers and sisters
2004-01-03Livonijas Baron Hardy HerzUnknown
2004-01-03Livonijas Baron Head HonchoUnknown
2004-01-03Livonijas Baron Heart of HamletHD: B-1
2004-01-03Livonijas Baron Helion HawkHD: A-1
2004-01-03Livonijas Baron Hero HieronimusHD: A-1
2004-01-03Livonijas Baron Hitch CockHD: B-1
2004-01-03Livonijas Baronesa Habile HebeUnknown
2004-01-03Livonijas Baronesa Harmony HopeUnknown
2007-04-10Bayar v.d. Ost ComitatusUnknown
2007-04-10Benito v.d. Ost ComitatusUnknown
2007-04-10Bently Boy v.d. Ost comitatusUnknown
2007-04-10Borussia v.d. Ost ComitatusUnknown
2005-07-21Elegant Line AgdamUnknown
2005-07-21Elegant Line Alabama JenniferUnknown
2005-07-21Elegant Line Alba RossiUnknown
2005-07-21Elegant Line Ali AbsolutUnknown
2005-07-21Elegant Line AmbassadorHD: A-1
2005-07-21Elegant Line Anri AntuanUnknown
2005-07-21Elegant Line AppolonUnknown
2005-07-21Elegant Line ArielUnknown
2005-07-21Elegant Line AstoriaUnknown
2005-07-21Elegant Line Attila AmberUnknown
2005-12-29Elegant Line BaironUnknown
2005-12-29Elegant Line BeatricheUnknown
2005-12-29Elegant Line BelindaUnknown
2005-12-29Elegant Line BogemaUnknown
2007-01-17Elegant Line EdemUnknown
2007-01-17Elegant Line Elba ViolaUnknown
2007-01-17Elegant Line Ellada ViolaUnknown
2007-01-17Elegant Line EmirUnknown
2007-01-17Elegant Line EneyUnknown
2007-01-17Elegant Line Ermi ViolaUnknown
2007-01-17Elegant Line Erna ViolaUnknown
2007-01-17Elegant Line Ervi ViolaUnknown
2007-01-17Elegant Line Etna ViolaUnknown
2007-01-17Elegant Line EzopUnknown
2007-04-07Elegant Line FantastikaUnknown
2007-04-07Elegant Line FantaziaUnknown
2007-04-07Elegant Line FavoritUnknown
2007-04-07Elegant Line FeeriaUnknown
2007-04-07Elegant Line FenixUnknown
2007-04-07Elegant Line FerrumUnknown
2007-04-07Elegant Line FeyaUnknown
2007-04-07Elegant Line FloraUnknown
2007-04-07Elegant Line FocusUnknown
2007-04-07Elegant Line FortunaUnknown
2007-04-07Elegant Line FrantsiyUnknown
2007-04-07Elegant Line FreyaUnknown
2007-06-03Elegant Line GabriellaUnknown
2007-06-03Elegant Line GalantUnknown
2007-06-03Elegant Line GefestUnknown
2007-06-03Elegant Line GektorUnknown
2007-06-03Elegant Line GerminaUnknown
2007-06-03Elegant Line GoldaUnknown
2007-06-03Elegant Line GrandUnknown
2007-06-03Elegant Line GrantaUnknown
2006-03-01Guard Tauer ArabicaUnknown
2006-03-01Guard Tauer AresUnknown
2006-03-01Guard Tauer AstartaUnknown
2006-03-01Guard Tauer AtalantaUnknown
2006-03-01Guard Tauer AvgustUnknown
2005-07-02Liana GlenaikUnknown
2005-07-02Lika GlenaikUnknown
2005-07-02Lola GlenaikUnknown
2005-07-02Lulu GlenaikUnknown
2005-07-02Lyalya GlenaikUnknown
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