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Gamon di Campovalano
Name Gamon di Campovalano
Owner Gabriele Prosperi (di Campovalano)
Breeder Gabriele Prosperi (di Campovalano)
Gender Stud
Pedigreebook LOI
Pedigreenumber 097477
Colour Black
Sire Graaf Quirinus v. Neerlands Stam (NHSB 1550587)
Dam Mali di Campovalano
Date of birth 1990-01-01
Date deceased 2001-00-00
Cause of death 11-year / ?
Extra information BH, ZTP 1A V, IPO II, SchH III,
World Jugendsieger 1991
DV Jugendsieger 1991
IDC Jugendsieger 1991
DV Sieger 1995
IDC Sieger 1995
Tocheran Winner 1993
Champion of Italy
Champion of Austria
Champion of Monaco
International Champion
AIAD reproductive Champion 1993
AIAD reproductive Champion 1994
AIAD reproductive Champion 1995
IDC reproductive Champion 1995
HD Status HD: A-1
"von Willebrand" Unknown
Wobbler Syndrom (C.V.I.) Unknown
Cardiomyopathie Holter and Echo Unknown
Cardiomyopathie DNA Marker Unknown
Dilute Unknown
Inbred percentage 5.0781 %
Brothers and sisters
1990-01-01Gero di CampovalanoUnknown
1990-01-01Ginga di CampovalanoHD: A-1
1990-01-01Gioiel di CampovalanoUnknown
1990-01-01Gluk di CampovalanoUnknown
1990-01-01Grafin di CampovalanoUnknown
1990-01-01Granblu di CampovalanoUnknown
1990-01-01Greif di CampovalanoUnknown
1990-01-01Gunter di CampovalanoUnknown
1998-05-25Abram Mike del LittorioUnknown
1998-03-28Aiko v. HochstedeUnknown
1998-03-28Aischa v. HochstedeHD: B-1
1998-03-07All (LO98155736)HD: A-1
1998-03-28Amigo v. HochstedeUnknown
1996-04-15Ancienne (LOI DS167399)Unknown
1998-05-25Anika del LittorioHD: A-1
1998-05-25Annabella del LittorioHD: A-1
1998-03-28Appolo v. HochstedeUnknown
0000-00-00Ardens IaskaHD: A-1
0000-00-00Ardens Iceberg (ds120191)Unknown
0000-00-00Ardens Jago Jamping JackUnknown
0000-00-00Ardens Jay JeevesUnknown
0000-00-00Ardens JuryjurgensUnknown
0000-00-00Ares-Articus SagittariusUnknown
0000-00-00Ariel (DS133159)Unknown
0000-00-00Ariel Aphrodite SagittariusUnknown
0000-00-00Aron (DS115746)Unknown
0000-00-00Aron della SciaraHD: A-1
1998-03-28Aron v. HochstedeUnknown
1996-03-21Asia (LOI DS171518)Unknown
1991-09-12Assia (Loi) 1991Unknown
1998-03-28Astor v. HochstedeUnknown
0000-00-00Astrid (DS133158)Unknown
0000-00-00Astro (DS133160)Unknown
1997-08-30Atena (LOI 98/83737)HD: A-1
1997-11-14Babyfree Della FavolaHD: A-1
1995-08-29Bahia del CitoneUnknown
1992-06-22Baly di CampovalanoHD: A-1
1995-08-29Bapi del CitoneUnknown
1992-06-22Barrage di CampovalanoHD: B-1
1995-08-29Baruffa del CitoneHD: A-1
1995-08-29Batik del CitoneHD: A-1
0000-00-00Beach del DakaroneUnknown
1992-06-22Beker di CampovalanoUnknown
1995-08-29Belkiss del CitoneUnknown
1995-08-29Benjo del CitoneUnknown
1993-12-10Berni v. SiegerholdUnknown
0000-00-00Bertone Di FaruggioUnknown
1995-09-29Beryl del CitoneUnknown
1992-11-30Betty della PiaboraHD: A-1
1994-05-22Biggy for Regent BlueHD: A-1
0000-00-00Bluejeans del DakaroneUnknown
1992-11-30Bonni della PiaboraHD: A-1
1997-11-14Boris della favolaUnknown
1995-08-29Brais del CitoneUnknown
1992-06-22Brayan di CampovalanoUnknown
0000-00-00Brian del DakaroneUnknown
1995-08-29Brigante del CitoneUnknown
1995-08-29Bronzo Bruno del CitoneHD: A-1
1995-08-29Bruce del CitoneHD: A-1
1992-11-30Bryan della PiaboraHD: A-1
1994-00-00Burt dei Nobili NatiUnknown
1992-06-22Byron di CampovalanoHD: A-1
1999-07-06Cabiria di CampovalanoUnknown
1999-07-06Calina di Campovalano (1999)Unknown
1998-09-08Capone v. Schillings GutUnknown
1998-09-08Caprice v. Schillings GutUnknown
1998-09-08Casey v. Schillings GutUnknown
1998-09-08Cesbo v. Schillings GutUnknown
1997-11-14Chato della FavolaUnknown
1999-07-06Chelsea di CampovalanoUnknown
1999-07-06Cheros di CampovalanoUnknown
1999-07-06Chevin di Campovalano (1999)Unknown
1998-09-08Cheyenne v. Schillings GutUnknown
1999-07-06Cheyennemirage di CampovalanoUnknown
1999-07-06Chico di CampovalanoUnknown
0000-00-00Chiela v. FeloxUnknown
1999-07-06Chim di CampovalanoUnknown
0000-00-00Chinablue della PiaboraUnknown
1998-09-08Chip v. Schillings GutUnknown
1992-04-03Chris (LOI DS 117195)HD: A-1
1998-09-08Cindy v. Schillings GutUnknown
1996-03-12Clinics FaberHD: B-1
1996-03-12Clinics FanfaraHD: B-1
1996-03-12Clinics FangioHD: C
1996-03-12Clinics FedraHD: B-1
1996-03-12Clinics FeemeiUnknown
1996-03-12Clinics FenicaHD: A-1
1996-03-12Clinics FlavaHD: C
1996-03-12Clinics FriscoHD: A-1
1996-03-12Clinics FruttaHD: B-1
1996-03-12Clinics FuninjoHD: A-1
1992-04-03Cock (LOI DS 117189)HD: B-1
1999-07-06Conan di Campovalano (1999)Unknown
1992-04-03Cora (LOI DS117194)Unknown
0000-00-00Cora della PiaboraUnknown
1992-04-03Cran (LOI DS117188)Unknown
1998-09-08Crasy v. Schillings GutUnknown
0000-00-00Cristie della PiaboraUnknown
1992-04-03Cuba (LOI DS 117196)Unknown
1999-07-06Cuba di CampovalanoUnknown
1999-07-06Cuma di CampovalanoUnknown
0000-00-00Cyrano du Chateau NapoleonUnknown
0000-00-00Dagmar di MontespinoUnknown
0000-00-00Dagon della SciaraUnknown
0000-00-00Dagor di MontespinoUnknown
0000-00-00Daila della SciaraUnknown
1993-03-29Daisy v. d'AraceliUnknown
1997-12-12Dakota v. KarpatiaHD: A-1
1993-03-29Damien v. d'AraceliUnknown
0000-00-00Danko di Campovalano (DS121595)Unknown
0000-00-00Dark della SciaraUnknown
1996-02-16Darz (LOI DS167710)Unknown
1992-08-29Dayla di CampovalanoUnknown
1992-08-29Deister di CampovalanoUnknown
0000-00-00Delfo di CampovalanoUnknown
1997-12-12Delphi v. KarpatiaHD: A-1
1993-03-29Demi v. d'AraceliUnknown
1993-03-29Dena v. d'AraceliUnknown
0000-00-00Denise di MontespinoUnknown
1993-03-29Dexter v. d'AraceliUnknown
0000-00-00Diana di MontespinoUnknown
0000-00-00Didy Della SciaraUnknown
0000-00-00Digor di MontespinoUnknown
0000-00-00Diletta di TemalineUnknown
0000-00-00Dixi di MontespinoUnknown
1993-03-29Djeddah v. d'AraceliHD: B-1
0000-00-00Docflender di MontespinoUnknown
0000-00-00Dolly della SciaraUnknown
0000-00-00Don di MontespinoUnknown
0000-00-00Donan di MontespinoUnknown
1997-12-12Dover v. KarpatiaUnknown
0000-00-00Dunia di MontespinoUnknown
1995-06-27Eagle di Campovalano (DS158699)HD: B-1
0000-00-00Ebair dei Nobili NatiUnknown
1993-01-26Ector del MontaldoHD: A-1
1995-06-27Eden di CampovalanoHD: A-1
1999-05-01Edwin dei Monti CiminiHD: B-1
1993-11-05Ego di Casa BalestrieriUnknown
1999-05-01Egon dei Monti CiminiUnknown
1995-06-27Egor di CampovalanoHD: B-1
1995-06-27Eibar di CampovalanoUnknown
1992-10-04Elen di CampovalanoUnknown
0000-00-00Eleonora dei Nobili NatiHD: A-1
1993-11-05Elfi di Casa BalestrieriUnknown
1999-05-01Elia dei Monti CiminiHD: A-1
0000-00-00Elia dei Nobili NatiUnknown
1995-10-27Elis dei Sauli GrimaldiHD: A-1
1993-11-05Elke di Casa BalestrieriUnknown
1993-11-05Elli di Casa BalestrieriUnknown
1993-01-26Emi del MontaldoUnknown
1999-05-01Emish dei Monti CiminiUnknown
1995-06-27Emon di campovalanoUnknown
1995-06-27Enola di CampovalanoUnknown
1993-01-26Erby del Montaldo (DS126790)Unknown
1993-01-26Erica del MontaldoHD: A-1
0000-00-00Erin dei Nobili NatiHD: A-1
1999-05-01Erman dei Monti CiminiHD: B-1
1993-11-05Eros di Casa BalestrieriUnknown
1992-10-04Errolflynn di CampovalanoUnknown
1993-01-26Ertog del MontaldoUnknown
1993-11-05Ester di Casa BalestrieriUnknown
1999-05-01Ethon dei Monti CiminiUnknown
1993-01-26Eva del MontaldoHD: A-1
1993-11-05Eva di Casa BalestrieriUnknown
1997-11-14Evita della FavolaHD: A-1
1992-10-04Excalibur di CampovalanoUnknown
1994-10-30Faighterfire del MontaldoHD: A-1
1993-02-08Fairway di CampovalanoUnknown
1993-02-08Falco di CampovalanoHD: A-1
1993-02-08Falcor di CampovalanoUnknown
1996-06-28Fandango (LOI DS171745)Unknown
1996-10-25Fas del PalatinoUnknown
1996-11-04Faustofrancis del CitoneUnknown
1995-08-22Fayri di CampovalanoUnknown
1996-11-04Febo Fleming del CitoneHD: B-1
0000-00-00Fendi del MontaldoUnknown
1994-02-04Fendy del MontaldoHD: B-1
1996-03-13Fenja v. TegernbachUnknown
1996-03-13Feus v. TegernbachUnknown
1996-11-04Fiamma Flu del CitoneHD: A-1
1996-03-13Fido v. TegernbachUnknown
1996-11-04Fiona Fynn del CitoneUnknown
1993-02-08Fire di CampovalanoUnknown
1993-02-08Firefax di CampovalanoUnknown
1996-03-13Flame v. TegernbachUnknown
1996-03-13Flash v. TegernbachHD: B-1
1996-11-04Flavio Fernandez del CitoneHD: B-1
1996-06-26Floyd (LOI DS173053)Unknown
1996-11-04Folcofoster del CitoneUnknown
1993-02-08Foreman di CampovalanoUnknown
1996-06-28Fosca (DS171749)Unknown
1994-10-20Fosca del MontaldoHD: B-1
1996-11-04Francescafilly del CitoneUnknown
1996-06-26Freedom (loi)Unknown
1996-06-26Freespirit (loi)Unknown
1996-11-04Fulviafury del CitoneHD: A-1
1996-11-04Fulviofolker del CitoneUnknown
1996-11-04Furioflamingo del CitoneUnknown
1995-04-05Gala SawagesUnknown
1992-01-10Gamon della RipuariaUnknown
1995-04-05Gea SawagesUnknown
1995-04-05Ginga SawagesHD: A-1
1992-01-10Gingertitti della RipuariaUnknown
1992-01-10Givan della RipuariaHD: A-1
0000-00-00Golda di MontespinoUnknown
1995-04-05Gomez SawagesUnknown
1995-04-05Gosty SawagesUnknown
1995-04-05Gringo SawagesHD: A-1
1993-00-00Hanty (DS130928)Unknown
1992-01-27Harabesck CampagnanensisUnknown
0000-00-00Harald di CampovalanoUnknown
0000-00-00Haron di Campovalano (199..)Unknown
1992-01-27Harturo CampagnanensisHD: A-1
0000-00-00Hegle di CampovalanoUnknown
1992-01-27Helena CampagnanensisHD: A-1
1993-00-00Hella (DS130923)HD: A-1
1992-01-27Hether CampagnanensisUnknown
1993-00-00Highlander (DS130936)Unknown
1995-04-18Highlander (LOI DS161627)Unknown
0000-00-00Hilda della RipuariaUnknown
1992-01-27Hindia CampagnanensisHD: A-1
1997-09-25Hiska v. Haus VanderfechtHD: B-1
0000-00-00Hoker di campovalanoUnknown
0000-00-00Hudo di CampovalanoUnknown
1997-09-25Hurricane v. Haus VanderfechtUnknown
1996-03-03Ibsen v. Sachsen-AnhaltUnknown
1996-03-03Idomenos v. Sachsen-AnhaltUnknown
1996-03-03Igor v. Sachsen-AnhaltUnknown
1996-03-03Indra v. Sachsen-AnhaltHD: A-1
1996-03-03Ingvar v. Sachsen-AnhaltUnknown
1996-11-14Irinland Baska BasteiraHD: A-1
1996-11-14Irinland Belinda BlessHD: A-1
1996-11-14Irinland Bernar BrizHD: A-1
1996-11-14Irinland BrindiziHD: A-1
1996-03-03Iris v. Sachsen-AnhaltHD: B-1
1998-05-14Iron di Campovalano (1998)HD: B-1
1996-03-03Isabel v. Sachsen-AnhaltUnknown
1998-04-15Isabo di CampovalanoHD: A-1
1996-03-03Isis v. Sachsen-AnhaltUnknown
1998-05-14Ito di CampovalanoUnknown
0000-00-00Joker di CampovalanoUnknown
0000-00-00Jolly di CampovalanoUnknown
1998-04-21Kaiser v. GarvaldUnknown
1997-02-04Kajo v. Sachsen-AnhaltUnknown
1998-04-21Kaltha v. GarvalUnknown
0000-00-00Kaltha ValdezUnknown
1998-04-21Kanina Diabla v. GarvalUnknown
1997-02-04Karo v. Sachsen-AnhaltUnknown
1997-02-04Kassandra v. Sachsen-AnhaltHD: A-1
1998-04-21Kenia v. GarvalUnknown
1998-04-21Keo v. GarvaldUnknown
1997-02-04Kim v. Sachsen-AnhaltHD: B-1
1998-04-21Klaus v. GarvalUnknown
1998-04-21Kloster v. GarvalUnknown
1997-02-04Kock v. Sachsen-AnhaltUnknown
1997-02-04Komtessa v. Sachsen-AnhaltUnknown
1997-02-04Konz v. Sachsen-AnhaltUnknown
1998-04-21Krueger v. GarvaldUnknown
1997-02-04Kuno v. Sachsen-AnhaltUnknown
0000-00-00Lema CampagnanensisUnknown
1996-01-24Leon di CampovalanoUnknown
0000-00-00Leza CampagnanensisUnknown
1996-01-24Lia di CampovalanoUnknown
1996-01-24Light di CampovalanoUnknown
1996-01-24Lippa di CampovalanoUnknown
0000-00-00Lizzi CampagnanensisUnknown
0000-00-00Lotar CampagnanensisUnknown
1996-01-24Lothar di Campovalano (1996)Unknown
1996-01-24Lotharnero di CampovalanoUnknown
0000-00-00Luca CampagnanensisUnknown
1996-10-18Mac Chess de FuriosoUnknown
1996-03-02Mac-Do des LandrysHD: A-1
0000-00-00Macho di CampovalanoUnknown
1996-10-01Majesty des LandrysUnknown
1996-02-12Malia di CampovalanoUnknown
1996-10-18Malko de FuriosoUnknown
1996-10-01Malko des LandrysUnknown
1996-07-22Malko du CherogeUnknown
1996-03-02Mangareva des LandrysUnknown
1996-10-18Mango de FuriosoHD: B-1
1996-10-18Manhattan de FuriosoUnknown
1996-10-01Marco des LandrysUnknown
1996-03-02Marcus des LandrysUnknown
1996-01-27Margot de Stang-ZuHD: A-1
0000-00-00Margot di CampovalanoUnknown
1996-07-22Marko du CherogeUnknown
1996-10-01Marvin des LandrysUnknown
1996-02-12Marvin di Campovalano (1996)Unknown
1996-10-18Mathis de FuriosoUnknown
1996-10-18Matt de FuriosoUnknown
1996-01-27Mauvieres Mufasa de Stang-ZuHD: A-1
1996-10-18Maverick de FuriosoUnknown
1996-08-16Maverik de FuriosoUnknown
1996-02-12Mayte di CampovalanoHD: A-1
1996-07-22Mediace du CherogeUnknown
1996-01-27Megane de Stang-ZuUnknown
1996-01-27Meijie de Stang-ZuUnknown
1996-10-01Melissa des LandrysUnknown
1996-03-02Melodie des LandrysUnknown
1996-03-02Merak des LandrysUnknown
1996-02-12Mery di CampovalanoUnknown
1996-10-18Meryl de FuriosoUnknown
1996-10-01Messaline des LandrysHD: A-1
0000-00-00Metamizar di CampovalanoUnknown
0000-00-00Metaxa TrinkUnknown
0000-00-00Metaxa TvigiUnknown
1996-10-18Michigan de FuriosoUnknown
1996-02-12Mikael di CampovalanoUnknown
1996-10-01Mikos des LandrysUnknown
1996-01-27Milann de Stang-ZuUnknown
1996-10-01Milton des LandrysUnknown
1996-07-22Miss Jenny du CherogeUnknown
1996-10-18Miss Melia de FuriosoUnknown
1996-02-12Miura di CampovalanoUnknown
1996-01-27Mo de Stang-ZuHD: A-1
1996-10-01Molene des LandrysUnknown
1996-10-01Molie des LandrysUnknown
1996-10-01Mona des LandrysUnknown
1996-03-02Morane des LandrysUnknown
1996-10-01Morane des LandrysUnknown
1996-02-12Morfeo di CampovalanoUnknown
1996-02-12Morgan di Campovalano (1996)Unknown
1996-07-22Morgane du CherogeUnknown
1996-10-01Morphee des LandrysUnknown
1996-10-01Morphine des LandrysUnknown
1996-10-01Muchka des LandrysUnknown
1996-10-18Muckie-Moss de FuriosoUnknown
1996-07-22Murene du CherogeUnknown
1996-03-02Murphy des LandrysUnknown
1996-07-22Murphy du CherogeUnknown
1996-03-02Must des LandrysUnknown
1996-00-00Mustang v. Gebrannten WaldeUnknown
1997-09-27N'Nino des Sentiers BattusUnknown
1997-10-01Naik de FuriosoUnknown
1997-06-16Nanuk CampagnanensisUnknown
1998-06-17Naomi di Campovalano (1998)Unknown
1997-10-01Naomi Queen de FuriosoHD: A-1
1997-06-16Natalie CampagnanensisUnknown
1997-09-27Nathalia des Sentiers BattusUnknown
1997-06-16Natnike CampagnanensisUnknown
1997-06-16Nec CampagnanensisUnknown
1997-06-16Nensis CampagnanensisHD: B-1
1997-06-16Nera CampagnanensisUnknown
1998-03-27Nestor for EternityHD: A-1
1997-10-01Nevada de FuriosoUnknown
1997-10-01Nexbury de FuriosoUnknown
1997-01-10Nicostratos de FuriosoHD: A-1
1997-10-01Nidj Neottis de FuriosoHD: B-1
1997-06-16Night Keeper CampagnanensisUnknown
1998-03-27Nikita for EternityHD: A-1
1998-06-17Nikos di CampovalanoUnknown
1997-06-16Nina CampagnanensisUnknown
1998-06-17Niven di CampovalanoUnknown
1997-01-10No Comment de FuriosoUnknown
1997-09-27Nobili Nati des Sentiers BattusUnknown
1998-06-17Noemi di CampovalanoUnknown
1997-09-27Noon des Sentiers BattusUnknown
1998-03-27Nora for EternityUnknown
1997-10-01Norfolk de FuriosoUnknown
1997-10-01Norma Jean de FuriosoUnknown
1997-06-16Novak CampagnanensisUnknown
1998-06-17Nubia di CampovalanoUnknown
1997-01-10Nugget Swing de FuriosoHD: A-1
1998-06-17Nureiew di CampovalanoUnknown
1997-09-27Nyppy des Sentiers BattusUnknown
1998-04-16Obelix Diablo v. HeckendorfHD: A-1
1998-08-26Obiwan del Palazzo di ShantaUnknown
1998-04-16Octo-Oldup v. HeckendorfHD: A-1
1998-08-26Oggi del Palazzo di ShantaUnknown
1998-08-26Oligan del Palazzo di ShantaUnknown
1998-08-26Olivia Newton-Jones del Palazzo di ShantaUnknown
1998-04-16Ombra Salvana v. HeckendorfHD: A-1
1998-04-16Ombre Nemea v. HeckendorfHD: A-1
1998-08-26Only You del Palazzo di ShantaUnknown
1998-08-26Orient del Palazzo di ShantaUnknown
1997-11-14Oro Della FavolaUnknown
1998-04-16Orson v. HeckendorfUnknown
1998-08-26Otchaka Misuri del Palazzo di ShantaUnknown
1998-08-26Othello del Palazzo di ShantaUnknown
1998-08-26Ouragan del Palazzo di ShantaUnknown
0000-00-00Perlanera (LOI ds123756)Unknown
0000-00-00Playboy di AltobelloUnknown
1995-03-27Princess di OrovalUnknown
1996-06-19Quann di CampovalanoUnknown
1996-06-19Quara di CampovalanoUnknown
1996-06-19Quaridareinagiada di CampovalanoUnknown
1996-06-19Quarzo di CampovalanoUnknown
1996-06-19Quazar di CampovalanoUnknown
1996-11-12Quebec di Casa FeyUnknown
1996-11-12Queen di Casa FeyUnknown
1996-06-19Quenty di CampovalanoUnknown
1996-11-12Quiller di Casa FeyUnknown
1996-06-19Quinsy di CampovalanoUnknown
1996-06-19Quinta di CampovalanoUnknown
1996-11-12Quisquiglia di Casa FeyUnknown
1996-06-19Quma di CampovalanoHD: A-1
1993-09-15Radja v. Hof ter EeckhoutUnknown
1993-09-15Randy v. Hof ter EeckhoutUnknown
1995-09-30Rassell di PrisconteUnknown
0000-00-00Ray di CampovalanoUnknown
1995-09-30Rea di PrisconteHD: A-1
1997-11-05Rebecca (LOI LO98103262 )HD: A-1
0000-00-00Rebel di CampovalanoUnknown
1995-09-30Rein di PrisconteUnknown
1997-11-05Rejna (LOI LO98103263 )Unknown
1995-09-30Rem di PrisconteUnknown
1995-09-30Renbow di PrisconteUnknown
1993-09-15Renzo v. Hof ter Eeckhout Unknown
1995-09-30Reulali di PrisconteUnknown
0000-00-00Riago di CampovalanoUnknown
0000-00-00Rio di CampovalanoUnknown
1996-01-02Riva PolluxovaHD: A-1
0000-00-00Robin di CampovalanoUnknown
1993-09-15Roeska v. Hof ter EeckhoutUnknown
0000-00-00Roll di CampovalanoUnknown
1995-09-30Romina di PrisconteHD: A-1
1997-11-05Ron (LOI LO98103255 )HD: B-1
1997-11-05Roxy (LOI LO98103261)Unknown
1995-09-30Rufus di PrisconteHD: A-1
0000-00-00Rush (LOI DS144290)Unknown
1998-11-03Sador di CampovalanoUnknown
1998-11-03Sador di CampovalanoUnknown
1998-11-03Shine di CampovalanoUnknown
1998-11-03Simba di CampovalanoUnknown
1998-11-03Sogno di CampovalanoUnknown
1998-11-03Speer di CampovalanoUnknown
1992-01-01Tahi-Réme LerryUnknown
1992-01-01Tahi-Reme LizUnknown
1992-01-01Tahi-Réme LoraUnknown
1995-05-23Tahi-Reme XaroUnknown
1995-05-23Tahi-Réme XaxUnknown
1995-05-23Tahi-Reme XeniaUnknown
1995-05-23Tahi-Reme XindyUnknown
0000-00-00Taiga Titi AegidaUnknown
1999-01-24Takira di CampovalanoUnknown
1996-02-10Tana Tannine AegidaHD: A-1
1991-05-23Tania di CampovalanoUnknown
0000-00-00Tano PolluxovaUnknown
1999-01-24Taryn di CampovalanoHD: A-1
1991-05-23Tayga di CampovalanoUnknown
0000-00-00Teresacrimilde CampagnanensisUnknown
1999-01-24Teufel di CampovalanoUnknown
1999-01-24Thamon di CampovalanoHD: A-1
1999-01-24Thelma di CampovalanoUnknown
1991-05-23Thor di Campovalano (DS107773)Unknown
1991-05-23Thorn di CampovalanoUnknown
1999-01-24Thunder di CampovalanoUnknown
0000-00-00Tittibrenda CampagnanensisHD: A-1
0000-00-00Torta campagnanensisUnknown
1991-05-23Tosca di CampovalanoUnknown
1995-04-08Toshira v. Hof ter EeckhoutHD: B-1
1999-01-24Trap di CampovalanoUnknown
1991-05-23Tucker di CampovalanoUnknown
1994-10-04Turner di CampovalanoUnknown
1999-01-24Tyron di Campovalano (LO99126001)Unknown
1999-01-24Tyson di CampovalanoHD: A-1
1991-05-23Tyson di Campovalano (DS107771)Unknown
1993-03-22Uber di Villa ConteUnknown
1993-03-22Uendy di Villa ConteUnknown
1993-03-22Ugor di Villa ConteHD: A-1
0000-00-00Uki di CampovalanoUnknown
1993-03-22Ulisse di Villa ConteUnknown
1993-03-22Ulla di Villa ConteUnknown
1993-03-22Uran di Villa ConteUnknown
0000-00-00Uras di CampovalanoUnknown
1993-03-22Ussy di Villa ConteUnknown
1993-03-22Ustica di Villa ConteUnknown
1995-01-01Vandamme di Casa CoppoHD: A-1
1995-01-01Vasco di Casa CoppoHD: A-1
0000-00-00Wanvood del DannunzianoUnknown
0000-00-00Wiger di CampovalanoUnknown
0000-00-00Worrior di CampovalanoUnknown
1995-06-05Zolotaya Dinastiya SolomonHD: A-1
1995-06-05Zolotaya Dinastiya SusannaHD: B-1
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