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Coefficients of Kinship, Relationship and Inbreeding
This page consist of inbreeding calculations for the dog you selected or the "Virtual Mating" you have entered.
The calculations on this page are accurate to the point that they can only be made based upon the information in the database.
For more detailed calculations please make sure that as many as possible of the ancestors are known in the database.
We hope this tool will be valuable to breeders and enthousiasts.
Each information block has an explanation button which can be clicked to find information on that specific subject.
Sire (Graaf Iskander v. Neerlands Stam) and Dam (Dorle v. Rurtal)
Name Gender Pups HD
Graaf Iskander v. Neerlands Stam225 offspringUnknown
Dorle v. Rurtal35 offspringUnknown
  • Explanation
    List of common progency of Sire and Dam
    Name Gender Pups HD
    Fera v. Vlamoviano offspringUnknown
    Ferdinand v. Vlamoviano offspringUnknown
    Florijne v. Vlamoviano offspringUnknown
    Freya v. Vlamoviano offspringUnknown
    Frieda v. Vlamovia5 offspringUnknown
    Frisia v. Vlamovia20 offspringUnknown
    Frouwke v. Vlamoviano offspringUnknown
    Graaf Lambert v. Neerlands Stamno offspringUnknown
    Graaf Laurens v. Neerlands Stam1 offspringUnknown
    Graaf Leendert v. Neerlands Stamno offspringUnknown
    Graaf Leopold v. Neerlands Stamno offspringUnknown
    Graaf Lodewijk v. Neerlands Stamno offspringUnknown
    Graaf Lucas v. Neerlands Stamno offspringUnknown
    Graaf Lux v. Neerlands Stamno offspringUnknown
    Graaf Nandor v. Neerlands Stam (NHSB 176185)no offspringUnknown
    Graaf Nico v. Neerlands Stamno offspringUnknown
    Graaf Norbert v. Neerlands Stam40 offspringUnknown
    Gravin Nelly v. Neerlands Stamno offspringUnknown
    Gravin Netty v. Neerlands Stamno offspringUnknown
    Gravin Nina v. Neerlands Stam (NHSB 176189)6 offspringUnknown
    Gravin Nora v. Neerlands Stam (NHSB 176190)6 offspringUnknown
    Theodorus v. Vlamoviano offspringUnknown
  • Explanation
    Ascendents count
    Total count of known ascendants (over 8 generations : max=510) 507
    Count of distinct known ascendants (over 8 generations) 221
  • Explanation
    For any animal out of Sire and Dam :
    Coefficient of Inbreeding (this value is low) 6.6524%
  • Explanation
    Top contributing ascendants :
    Partial inbreeding due to Troll v.d. Engelsburg 1.642%
    Partial inbreeding due to Dieter v. Willersee 0.814%
    Partial inbreeding due to Muck v. Brunia 0.565%
    Partial inbreeding due to Alto v. Sigalsburg 0.396%
    Partial inbreeding due to Carmen v. Bad Heidelberg (DZB 46037) 0.35%
    Partial inbreeding due to Lux v.d. Blankenburg 0.342%
    Partial inbreeding due to Luz v. Rödeltal 0.333%
    Partial inbreeding due to Ajax v. Oderwald 0.216%
    Partial inbreeding due to Nober v. Ludwigsburg 0.203%
    Partial inbreeding due to Frido v. Rauhfelsen 0.198%
    Partial inbreeding due to Betty v. Notburgatal (DZB 50665) 0.196%
    Partial inbreeding due to Horst v.d. Bismarcksäule 0.111%
  • Explanation
    Most inbred ascendants :
    Horst v.d. Bismarcksäule 13.67%
  • Explanation
    Statistics for Sire and Dam :
    Coefficient of Relationship between Sire and Dam 12.5137%
    Coefficient of Inbreeding of Sire 6.4171%
    Coefficient of Inbreeding of Dam 6.2274%
  • Explanation