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D.V.I.N. Individual Working Champions

D.V.I.N. Individual Working Champions

The first DVIN Individual Working Championship was held in 1982. It was held in combination with another Working trail namely the J. Th. v. Vorselen Trofee.  The DVIN Working Championship title is only given to dogs who participate in VH III (in the beginning) and IPO III.
The fist year none of the participants in VH III passed so there was no winner.

YearName DogPoints                                  
1982No winner-     
1983Nicolai v. Kloster-Kamp279     
1984Björn v. Stokebrand286     
1985Bonni v. Nettetal288     
1986Nicolai v. Kloster-Kamp280     
1987Bonni v. Nettetal276     
1988Arrow v. Shalomar280     
1989Arrow v. Shalomar276     
1990Arrow v. Shalamar286     
1991Sammy v.d. Eland277     
1992Bjorn v.h. Vliertzicht287     
1993Timba v.d. Groote Maat290     
1994Nato v. Beukenhage279     
1995Edzar Dobry du Bois de Liers288     
1996Gaby Dobry du Bois de Liers285     
1997Joey Joel v.d. Bielshoeve283     
1998Hertogin Angelica Dobry du Bois de Liers275     
1999Rianne v. 't Zwettebos285     
2000Tarco v.d. Barbierhoeve286     
2001Victoria v.d. Barbierhoeve289     
2002Victoria v.d. Barbierhoeve287     
2003Ymill v.h. Donauhof274     
2004Uno v.d. Kusthoeve275     
2005Russkaja Mechta Andor Absolut274     
2006Aycka v. Burghof279     
2007Coach v.h. Donauhof286     
2008Coach v.h. Donauhof281     
2009Aycka v. Burghof270     
2010Briska's Zosca263     
2011Don v. Burghof274     
2012Arrow v.h. Wantij268     
2013Athos v. Beelzebub250     
2014Ebony v.h. Wantij 280     
2015Ebony v.h. Wantij 273     
2016Falco v.d. Leibgarde272     
2017Dakota v.d. Leibgarde254     
2018Absolut Enzo's Amazing Armin242